First Animal Print of 2013: Peepers

The inspiration.

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A friend-of-a-friend recently found Gadora while looking for someone to paint a portrait of a pup. The watercolor was for her Sister-in-law and would eventually be a gift for Peepers’ human Mom. Awww, Peepers! Oh how I miss my own … Continue reading

A 2013 haiku.

Alter to 2013.

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Two thousand thirteen full of possibilities… You will be my year. 2012 shaped up to be a good year. Rich with friends and family. We added a new member, my nephew, whom I loved before we ever met. 2013 included … Continue reading

Always be a unicorn…


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Crafternoons at The Gardens are in full swing. Gadora has been itching to play, and a recent score at Goodwill yielded the perfect mini project. My Hustlers have been toying with unicorns. Originally designed as a team who paid tribute … Continue reading

Post-election Aristo-crap…

Bow-Wow Barack.

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Nothing seems to split a nation like some good ole’ fashioned politics. So tonight, exactly one day after a narrowly re-elected 44th President, Gadora pays tribute to some creative Americans who valiantly exercise their right to peddle their artsy politico … Continue reading

A study in lines along the Cotton Belt Trail.

I've been working on the...

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Straight lines go too quickly to appreciate the pleasures of the journey. They rush straight to their target and then die in the very moment of their triumph without having thought, loved, suffered or enjoyed themselves. ~ Rene Crevel Not … Continue reading

X-ray lamp in its new place…

X-ray lamp at home.

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Gadora had a particularly fruitful day not long ago. By fruitful, I mean monetarily. In one single day, I’d sold and collected monies for two Still life watercolors I’d placed in our first-ever Office Art show, received payment for another … Continue reading

Meet Mr. Arlo “Shmoo” Guthrie…

Puppies Playing.

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Gadora relishes the first sighting of an Animal Print “subject.” Some pictures of your pets simply make me squeal. There are a plenitude of fine- and funny-looking pooches, kittens and guinea pigs out there. The Etsy request for Arlo “Shmoo” … Continue reading

Vote: Scrape Myrtle’s new logo.

Picture 2

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Perhaps more fascinating than the bewildered and excited expressions of family and peers, when they discover I’m a derby girl, albeit a TXRG Rec-n-Roller Derby girl, is the wealth of talent and professionalism that comes from the pool of women … Continue reading

Mighty fine agave watercolor.

Maguey (diptych) by Alexey Krasnovsky

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Waaaaay back in June, Gadora posted a lil something about my love of the Century Plant. I’d recently accompanied a certain highfalutin Roller Gal to a gallery opening at Gallery Shoal Creek that a client of hers was a part … Continue reading

Tibetan Terrier Scarlett.

Scarlett snugged up on the Sofa.

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A recent request from Horse-country, Texas: “I would really love for you to do a watercolor of my beloved Tibetan Terrier, Scarlett. How does the process work? How long does it take? I’m including a photo of Scarlett in the … Continue reading

Daisy dog.

Daisy at the beach.

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A noble request came via Nevada (and another from YoungHouseLove): “My husband’s beloved yellow Labrador retriever, Daisy, passed away in February. I  think he would be so touched to have a portrait of her.”

Making furniture (and such) out of car parts…

62 Ford Galaxie

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Sadly, Gadora’s Wonder Wagon was in a fender-bender last week. See my sad face? This week I was able to drive “The Paiger” to a few repair shops to see about getting her fixed back up. They’ll reload her with … Continue reading

Freddy’s portrait hung with care.

Freddy's Animal Print

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Gadora, while playing on her Facebook page, received a note from Marissa. Remember her? She had Gadora paint an Animal Print of her pup Freddy and rescue-dog Shelby. She appreciated my work so much that she turned right around and … Continue reading

Pot-bellied piggy planters…

FruitFlyPie as featured on Beautifully Contained, NFS.

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Spring has sprung: the birds in The Gardens happily chirp and the few blades of grass are greening. And with each day that passes past winter, Gadora’s thumb turns a little less brown. My stoop beckons a spring-time make-over. Since … Continue reading

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A night at the Belmont…

From the East.

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Gadora has a love-hate relationship with The Big D. Though Dallas was my home many years ago, and though I made the most of my time there, the list of things I generally don’t love about Dallas is long. Save … Continue reading

2012 NoLa Rollerbulls. It’s happening!

Shrinky Dink Rollergirl template.

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Derby is one of the many joys of my life. It’s an inexplicable, and dangerous, love I discovered late in life. I give and give, not as Gadora Wilder but as my other alter Scrape Myrtle, each week in hours … Continue reading

Wireless iPhone amplifiers…


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Recently spent a lovely afternoon with a couple of ladies at a “secret” watering hole outside of Austin. Picnic supplies. Yep. Sunscreen. Check. Tunes? Absolutely. She brought a snappy rubber amplifier that she’d procured at a SxSW gifting suite. And … Continue reading

Putting a lil spice in the kitchen…

On April 16th, Gadora embarked on an epic food journey whereby I eliminated ALL foods—through Kim Love’s Love Life Method—that were potentially responsible for my puffy eyes, stomach issues and sleepless nights. Cold turkey I removed cheese, citrus, sugar, soy, … Continue reading

Note the tote: Austin’s gotta brand new bag

GoodyBag Etsy

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With Spring done and gone, Gadora reflects on a recent-ish project whereby I had the pleasure of creating a gift tote graphic for my Boss Lady’s intimate wedding. She and her Hubs tied the knot in April, and to help … Continue reading

Lifeworks HIC – Sept 2010

The Plan.

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I can’t believe it’s been a FULL YEAR since Gadora was approached about guest-designing a small apartment for a young lady named “Sparrow.” I’d been full-time at Bazaarvoice only a handful of months… but already flexed my design prowess in … Continue reading

Minky Boodle.

Minky ~ done.

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My Lady friends asked Gadora a few months back to create an Animal Print for their friend, Amy. Her 13-year old cat “Minky Boodle” had recently passed. While the inspiration photos were less than ideal (keep reading), they sought an … Continue reading