Sundance ~ A Good Dog.

Shortly after the Young House Love post, Gadora received a request, “I just became familiar with your work from reading Young House Love, and I think a watercolor for my mom of her dearly departed yellow lab Sundance would be the best gift for her ever, EVER.”

A good dog.

Her pictures were film, so Cristina sent a hand-written letter. “Here are the pictures of Sundance “Sunny.” He passed away last fall and my Mom loved him like a child. He was a terrible, awful, devilish puppy, but with some serious dog psychology from yours truly, he became a really great dog and companion for my folks. =)”

"The other photo gives you a sense of his sweetness."

Her note kind of made me adore him. I once loved a cantankerous cat. A terrible, awful, devilish cat who hardly met a friend. With a lot of love and utter patience, broken-spirited creatures can make for the best companions.

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Watercolor Guinea Pigs: Piglet and Tigger

Seems like forever ago, Gadora painted and sent out a lil pet portrait of a wee pooch: Hamburger to some creative blogger types in Virginia. They LIKED it! Sherry and John posted it on their amazing blog-turned-life-changer Young House Love.

I couldn’t thank them enough for their original mention, but thought I’d offer their readers a Fab Freebie: one 8×10 watercolor to any lucky reader, anywhere. They agreed. I’d paint a furniture watercolor of a readers’ most revered piece, or a watercolor of their prized pet. At least 1,453 design enthusiasts checked out their blog that day (with comments), and many made their way over to Gadora. Contest Winner? These two lil piggies from North of the Border: Piglet and Tigger.

Piglet and Tigger - Watercolor Winner!

Gadora had never painted a guinea pig before. They would be my guinea pigs* of sorts for their species, get it? Sure, I’d dipped and brushed out a litter of kittens (albeit separately), several packs of dogs, a brood of hens and a horse, of course!

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Missing The Peepers…

It was a glorious weekend. Gadora sorted through a few inquiries for Animal Prints from Young House Love’s post, and has been busy finishing portraits in the queue. Things are feeling a little more normal. Oh, I still miss my babies, but I’m not crying every time they cross my mind. This morning while readying for work, Gadora popped in on the BFF who was stepping out of the shower. That used to be The Peepers favorite spot in the mornings. Mewing on the bath mat, ready to pounce inside the shower and lick it dry the moment the BFF exits. I asked her if she missed our Peeps, and choked as I delivered the words.

Smooches from The Peeps

The Peepers wasn’t much on snuggles. You couldn’t sneak attack her like Harley. Scooping her up and showering her with kisses was not her favorite thing. More often than not, she’d drift by and offer some herself. Found this photo on my phone. She was atop my bed, paws together, and let me stick my nose in her business. Then rewarded me for it.

I miss you Peeps.

Gadora’s Animal Prints featured on YHL…

For a little home blogger (and insatiable follower), it’s a BIG deal when a respected and well-trafficked site ~ Young House Love ~ loves the little ways I’m staying creative. Thank you SO much for the shout out John and Sherry. Their give-away winner Angela and I have been in touch and I’m busy painting her pair of Guinea Pigs: Piglet and Tigger.

Just YOU wait. They make a most handsome pair…you’ll see.

Wednesday’s are indeed GOOD days…

Happy Hump Day on the cusp of the last official day of 2009 (always been my fave, especially having discovered my five favorite starlets—myself included—all share the same birth day. Woe are we.) Don’t know about you folks, but Gadora is eager to bid 2009 a big fat good riddance. While I’m completely fortunate in many immeasurable ways, 2009 has not been without want. And some unwanted free time. Tick. Tock.

A talented friend, who is currently in the throes of creating her own nest, turned me onto Young House Love… a darling design duo who happily share their penchant for snappy decor with the rest of us. Their December favorite child post was poignant as I’d recently posted Quentin’s “part 1st child” story, and got to thinking… they want a Burger portrait… the just don’t know it yet. So with my newfangled affinity towards yippy Chihuahuas… Gadora set out to spread some holiday cheer.

The best Burger.

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