Sundance ~ A Good Dog.

Shortly after the Young House Love post, Gadora received a request, “I just became familiar with your work from reading Young House Love, and I think a watercolor for my mom of her dearly departed yellow lab Sundance would be the best gift for her ever, EVER.”

A good dog.

Her pictures were film, so Cristina sent a hand-written letter. “Here are the pictures of Sundance “Sunny.” He passed away last fall and my Mom loved him like a child. He was a terrible, awful, devilish puppy, but with some serious dog psychology from yours truly, he became a really great dog and companion for my folks. =)”

"The other photo gives you a sense of his sweetness."

Her note kind of made me adore him. I once loved a cantankerous cat. A terrible, awful, devilish cat who hardly met a friend. With a lot of love and utter patience, broken-spirited creatures can make for the best companions.

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Happy holiday pups…

In November Gadora received an Animal Print request from pups’ adoptive Mother. I have a yellow lab who we have had since he was a puppy and a retriever mix* we adopted about 1 1/2 years ago.”

Yellow Lab.
Retriever Mix

A gift for their Dad, Mama had something in mind, “I absolutely love the one you did of “Hershey” up close, personal and so precise.” After a few weeks of emails, and another photo shoot of the happy pups, we settled on the above.

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Moments ago Gadora typed the last letter in Buddy’s name for tonight’s title and scooched up my chair. Celebrating the delivery of Buddy’s portrait I sighed “Buddy” loudly at the onset of this post. No sooner had the “period” been pecked when AJ (the rescued golden who lets me live in his house) nudged his big wet nose under my left armpit. Yes, he’s indeed my buddy and adores when he hears it. In the middle of our heavy petting Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody” serendipitously lit up the speakers. Ha! Pausing to serenade AJ, tail wagging, I crooned that nobody indeed loves me better… than yoooOOOOooo.

Here’s the Buddy who got AJ his belly rub.


The regal pooch’s pet portrait is for his parents, a gift from their “other” child who resides in our Nation’s capital. They all love their buddy, too. Continue reading “Buddy.”

Meet Tank.

Meet Tank. He’s a grinning Texas boy from right here in ATX. This Pup’s portrait is for his Pop’s birthday.


StripeGadora worked from two pictures of Tank. Clean tank. And Dirty Tank.

Clean Tank
Clean Tank

Pre-romp in the Hill Country, “Clean Tank’s” coat glistens, but he’s liable to blend into the colorless, crunchy background.

Dirty tank
Dirty tank

In “Dirty Tank” his Mama Sarah liked his collar and tag, and his manly stance. His grin is more infectious. He’s a happy, smiling pup. “I’ll be totally happy with some sort of hybrid of the two pics if you can work your magic,” offers his Mum. And that’s exactly what Gadora did.

• • •

Tank arrived late last week. “I just received Tank, and I love it! My husband will love it too. Thanks so much; this will be the perfect birthday gift.” No, we can’t wait to hear how Proud Pop likes his Animal Print…