Minky Boodle.

My Lady friends asked Gadora a few months back to create an Animal Print for their friend, Amy. Her 13-year old cat “Minky Boodle” had recently passed. While the inspiration photos were less than ideal (keep reading), they sought an impressionistic interpretation of Miss Minks. Here you see her framed:

Minky Boodle ~ framed.

Along with this photo, my friend Candance sent, “Just thought I’d share with you a pic of the framed Minky Boodle. I wasn’t planning to go with a gold frame, but when the lady at the shop showed me, it was obvious that was the way to go. It made the background of the portrait really pop – brought out all the yellows and golds.  I almost wanted to keep Miss Minky for myself.  :)” Gadora LOVES the way she turned out, too. Here’s Minky, pre-frame:

Minky ~ done.

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Cody and Hazel for the birthday boy…

November and December were busy months for me as the Animal Print orders steadily trickled in. A long-time Gadora reader, Ann, sent a request for her husband’s 60th birthday. Would I paint their two Chocolate Labs? It came with an inquiry about my own dearly departed (and once doted on) kitties. How was I doing since they were gone? I rather adore this woman. She’s quick to comment and share her design (and personal thoughts) and as such I feel sure we are kindred spirits.

Meet her Hazel.

Hazel sitting pretty.

And his Cody.

Cody by the pool...

I’m typically quite reluctant to post any Animal Prints on Gadora before they are received. Online posts are deceptive as the watercolors are infinitely more interesting (and detailed) in person (…and I hate to ruin any surprise). But Ann’s portraits went to Colorado while she flew off to Florida to tend to her family.

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Puppy got framed…

Weeks ago Gadora wrote about a puppy named Puppy. The GF who ordered the Animal Print emailed Puppy’s framed pic long ago. I’m just now getting around to posting (sorry)! Received the photo with another no-nonsense one-liner, “brooke and dan loved their puppy. here’s how i framed it.”

Puppy got Framed.

I love it. Thanks Al.
For the rest of you,  click right here…. to see Puppy’s original post.

A Puppy named Puppy.

Received a succinct one-liner request, “Hiring you to do Brooke and Dan’s wedding present.” The couple? A dashing duo: everyone who knew them from the beginning knew they were sooooo going to get married. The request: from THE friend who started Gadora on this whole Animal Print adventure on DailyCandy. The pressure to get this right was high.

Puppy ~ Done.

She sent the usual slew of snappy pics of Puppy and after perusing the pack, we settled on a soft bone portrait.

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Sundance ~ A Good Dog.

Shortly after the Young House Love post, Gadora received a request, “I just became familiar with your work from reading Young House Love, and I think a watercolor for my mom of her dearly departed yellow lab Sundance would be the best gift for her ever, EVER.”

A good dog.

Her pictures were film, so Cristina sent a hand-written letter. “Here are the pictures of Sundance “Sunny.” He passed away last fall and my Mom loved him like a child. He was a terrible, awful, devilish puppy, but with some serious dog psychology from yours truly, he became a really great dog and companion for my folks. =)”

"The other photo gives you a sense of his sweetness."

Her note kind of made me adore him. I once loved a cantankerous cat. A terrible, awful, devilish cat who hardly met a friend. With a lot of love and utter patience, broken-spirited creatures can make for the best companions.

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