Tibetan Terrier Scarlett.

A recent request from Horse-country, Texas: “I would really love for you to do a watercolor of my beloved Tibetan Terrier, Scarlett. How does the process work? How long does it take? I’m including a photo of Scarlett in the hopes that you will think she is as adorable as I do!  Please let me know.” *See Scarlett’s adorable pictures after the (more…). And to answer her questions (also for any would-be Animal Print inquiries): We agree upon a photo for Gadora to work from, I forward a secure PayPal request, and roughly 1-2 months. Here is Scarlett’s finished Animal Print.

Scarlett snugged up on the Sofa.

Leslie, Scarlett’s proud Mama, ordered an 8×10. The original photo was not without want. Scarlett’s mug was a little blurry I couldn’t really see her sure-to-be-telling eyes. Leslie sent more photos…

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I have a new boyfriend.

Folks, I have a new boyfriend. There. I said it. And we’re totally in love. We’ve DTR, yes we’re totally exclusive, and it’s kind of all I think about. I spend as much time as I can with my new lover, and my friends and family are starting to wonder if I’m co-dependent. Yes. Yes I am. But dern, skating makes me happy. Yes, skating. I yearn to lace up, don cute stockings, and skate like the dickens to make “us” work.

Last night we had a date. Two actually. Followed my usual Tuesday night speed skate class (think Apollo Ohno, but on quads) with an hour of STREET SKATING, hosted by the very awesome (and informative) Dilla. What an invigorating experience that was. Fellow skater Hannthrax succinctly summed it up, “It was FUN! And a little scary. People yelled WOO! at us. Can’t wait for next week!” Today’s blog is a nod, and a legal hip-check, to my very awesome new boyfriend “Skating…” whose love I rekindled through Derby—the best sport ever and ironically one that doesn’t allow boys!

Artist Matt Schwartz of SheHitPauseStudios… “This is an 11×14 Polaroid transfer of an awesome pair of classic roller skates. I was driving around with these for a while before I stopped aside a lake and hung them from a tree.” Sure hope he didn’t leave them there. These are so Xanadu, I can hardly stand it.

She Hit Pause Studios.

Matt Ruby’s “Going Nowhere” sculpture combines a roller-skate and armchair (hmmm, furniture AND a skate, he’s so talking Gadora’s language). He’s “exploring themes about old and young, and how these ideas create meaning, and contrast.” Gives me pause for thought, how long will skating and I make it? Here’s hoping….

Matt Ruby's "Going Nowhere"

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Some things are better in pairs…

Some things flourish with a mate. A great lounger and its perfect ottoman. Donny and Marie. Roller Derby and protective gear. Home-furnishings sometimes warrant a coupling of similar items and prove some things are better in pairs. Two candelabras on a well-set table. Or, a pair of lamps flanking a well-made bed. Matchy-matchy is sometimes nice.

And while Gadora is refurbishing a twosome of 3-drawer bed tables, at an admittedly snail-like pace, I’ve been obsessed with homely combos and dig these Mid-Mod speckled-ceramic lamp bases (shade not included) from Etsy Seller: FabulousMess.

60s Mid-Mod Lamps

A pair of Vintage Mid Century Modern bookshelf speakers. “Each speaker measures 13 1/2″ tall and 10″ in diameter,” adds Etsy Seller Modnique, and “have been tested and work great.” Not at all sure how the “bookshelf” comes into play, but here you are.

Modnique's speaker tables...

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Turning bottles and a basket into a beaming lamp…

Late last year, Gadora spied a funky upholstered chair (to be refashioned later) along the side of the street. Free for the taking! I veered the car towards it, pulled the brake, and hopped out. With eyes on the prize, I stumbled (quite literally!) upon a tired and misshapen wire basket. Hmmmmm, I’ll take that too. Remembering the vintage bottles the BFF had collecting dust in the garage, Gadora set out to make a hanging, musical lamp… (remember to click on the pics to see them bigger!)

Lamp ~ DONE

At left: the remaining bottles (I chose to feature similarly sized bottles with some detail). Right: the top of the wire basket—which when utilized as a hanging planter basket would actually be the bottom…

Bottles and the basket.

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Victorian and High Chair watercolors…

Two more chairs complete. Not a big story. One has been stored somewhere in Virginia and is brought out when the family occasionally (and briefly) resides in the United States.  A friend sat in the other when she spit up and/or ate her peas.

Victorian reworked.
High Chair