First Animal Print of 2013: Peepers

A friend-of-a-friend recently found Gadora while looking for someone to paint a portrait of a pup. The watercolor was for her Sister-in-law and would eventually be a gift for Peepers’ human Mom. Awww, Peepers! Oh how I miss my own Peepers. It will be 3 years this April, and while I still miss her, time has healed some of the sorrow. Peepers’s portrait would be a sweet Valentine’s Day surprise.

Peepers DONE
The Peeps ready for a picnic.

The pics Gadora originally received were from the client’s Instagram < check out Gadora’s set of pics – and thus a teensy bit small, but very telling. Peepers was a sweet, sweet pup.

3Peepers Instagram3
Sweet Peeps. 

I noodled around with the portrait, and was finally ready to send. Peepers was the first watercolor portrait I’d actually send with a name scribed on the paper. I scribbled a little heart right by her name.

2Peepers Instagram2

After sending Gadora let a few days pass, then checked on her recipient. “Just got it when I got home from work today — it’s beautiful! Thank you!! Can’t wait to show it to my mom tomorrow!  :)”

1Peepers Instagram
Picnic Peeps.

The following day, this arrived. “My mom loves it!!!!! It really looks just like peeps.  :)” And if you’re counting, that’s two smiley faces in her reply! Thanks Lady, glad the family loves their Peepers. xo

Do-It-Yourself anything jars…

Lacking the holiday and decorating-spirit Gadora may have been a Scrooge, but Valentine’s Day brings sweet things…namely pink-hued peanut M&Ms, Brach’s Conversation Hearts, and heart-shaped sugar cookies. And, I am certainly a fan! (Don’t even get me started on Easter’s Peeps! I almost cannot wait!) Scoring 15 quart-sized mayonnaise jars from a local Austinite, Gadora sets out to give them a new use. Sadly, North Austin does not currently recycle glass curbside. I KNOW, right?! May this suffice in giving these jars a longer shelf life!


A big fan of chalk-board paint, and determined to use it on every surface imaginable, Gadora first taped off each jar, making square or rectangular patterns…

Taped jars ~ square

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