Note the tote: Austin’s gotta brand new bag

With Spring done and gone, Gadora reflects on a recent-ish project whereby I had the pleasure of creating a gift tote graphic for my Boss Lady’s intimate wedding. She and her Hubs tied the knot in April, and to help out-of-town guests feel at home she assembled a personalized goody bag for each. It would draw attention to the couple’s favorite city spaces and was filled with an Austin map, snacks and love. With my own favorite city blog, CultureMap Austin, featuring an Etsy Austin-themed roundup just this week, I thought it time I get mine on the internets… (keep scrolling for it).

Austin-based Etsy artist Victrola 35 created her own rendition of some of the city’s hot spots. On organic cotton canvas, buyers can choose from kelly green or bright red. $32.

Austin tote by Victrola Design

Can’t find much about this artist, but their Etsy site purports, “Goody Bags are every busy girl’s staple item.” You be the judge. The simple graphic appears on a nice woven jute bag with a cotton handle, and at $20 it’ll pay for itself in style points in no time at all.

Goody Bag <3s Austin.
Goody Bag

I’d been noodling additional ideas about this post since yesterday, then serendipitously a hankering for a HopDoddy veggie burger on a magical gluten-free bun would march me past By George to spy this handy tote. Sorry folks, they don’t do eCommerce, but you can read about the cross-continental collaboration between By George and Apolis here.

Jute and canvas tote at By George

And now for Gadora’s tote. It helps to have a friend with a screen press. He worked with me on making sure the text and images were large enough for his press to interpret. And, Melissa gave me a list of locales that were meaningful to she and her groom: where they ventured on their first date, their favorite watering hole, and where they’d share their nuptials.

Close-up of Melissa’s wedding tote…

I simply penciled a map on a piece of copy paper, making sure to include the city’s famous bats, and handed it over for the screen printing. Voila! It was a darling, and inexpensive, way to greet the couple’s guests. And a personal way to include them in the wedding. Happy Marriage, Lady!

The Happy Couple’s Tote