Q & A ~ Unique bedding under $150?

Via Facebook: “hey, i wondered of you ever come across a good website for unique bedding. i am looking for a duvet and shams and want to try and keep it under $150. so that of course rules out Anthropolgie and other awesome sights. i just thought you might have a suggestion as i know you are good with the blogs, etc.” Having only the adjective “unique” to go on, here goes…

Marimekko® Poloneesi bed lines, at Crate&Barrel, are certainly unique, and could pass for Anthropologie’s “Amlapura” duvet, at $298. “Inspired by Slavic folk art, Maija Isola’s exotic, ornamental botanical is as fresh today as it was when it debuted in 1963. “Midnight” black and purple flowers pop on a vibrant garnet ground of 400-thread-count cotton sateen.” Under $120 for the duvet, it has some nice reviews…

Marimekko ® Poloneesi Bed Linens

In contrast to Anthropologie’s “Twilit Vines” bedding (up to $328), Gadora suggests something a little more graphic. The Urban Mandala linens at Crate&Barrel’s sister-site CB2 offer an over-sized cityscape for under $100.

Urban Mandala at CB2

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