How the Lounge was Done…

HTLWD: Some of Gadora’s Peeps know I began a contract with Bazaarvoice in March as their Events Coordinator. I go by Steph there and keep Gadora’s goings-on confined to casual lunch chats or offer A’s when design Q’s come at me. But some of you may not know Bazaarvoice IS the place to be. It’s why people do this.

How the (Marketing) Lounge was Done:

The Challenge: Each vital team to BV’s success has a common area to congregate. It’s part of our culture to like our cohorts, and its genuine. But we’re also an aggressive, competitive bunch. With the EOQ upon us we had but a small window to “pimp our pit.” Our pit sits on the third floor of a shiny new office space perched on a hill just above the 360 Bridge. The marketing team was faced with a challenge: transform a nondescript, begging-for-attention common space. That it would turn out groovy (and enviable), was by sheer design.

Who: Halloran—whose real name has been changed to protect his innocence—(there’s a Hooterang, Skippy, Teen Wolf (who goes by T-Dub) and a Meatballs in our bunch, too) got the initial directive. Transform the space. And make it happen “yesterday.” Choatsie quickly stepped in, and soon the gang allowed me to play.

The make-it-happen-marketing-team conferred with one another and set out with a plan. Flashy, not tacky. Cheap, not cheap-looking. We would put the “fun” in functional. Inviting, but not tooooo… (wait for the beaded curtain meant to provide a small barrier to would-be loungers. It IS a work space after all).

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Anatomic appointments…

Roller Derby (and the occasional yoga before that) has been quietly transforming my wee little vessel. Hot and healthy bodies are all the rage. Recently Gadora stumbled across a few images of figure-shaped furniture and home accessories. Long ago, I’d entertained thoughts of constructing a jewelry box in the shape of a torso. Nipples for drawer-pulls. A shiny jeweled-navel. It never happened. Other bonafide designers have created furniture using beautiful bodies as inspiration.

Peter Rolfe’s “Gen III” birch plywood figure doubles as a jewelry chest. He’s channeled my subconscious—really—and with decidedly more genius. His “current work is heavily influenced by nature, using shapes that we all recognize but would not be traditionally thought of as furniture forms.” Look.

Peter Rolfe's "Gen III"
Peter Rolfe's "Gen III" close-up

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Juggling the junk we call life…

NPR wrote a story about the additional 9+ million people who are currently underemployed. That’d be me. As a contract writer who didn’t pay into unemployment benefits, my “situation” has not been counted into the government’s numbers of those looking for work. I count, dammit. Admittedly “Gadora Wilder first came alive as a result of the “restructuring” of my last good gig, and now I find myself grateful. I am juggling. Looking for work. Sometimes I cry. I celebrate little victories. And work to market myself. Still without a full-time gig, opportunities are presenting themselves and Gadora is poised to take full, and appreciated, advantage of them all.

After organizing a very immediate To-Do list last night, Gadora googled “Circus 2010” and Anthropologie’s latest catalog queued up. I’m juggling schedules, projects, friends, skating and The Squeeze. I’m quite inspired by it all. 2010 I’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER. And yes, you will be mine.

Anthropologie's Circus

An admission: instead of the ultra chic Anthro girl—clad in dainty dresses and über chic shoes—Gadora often feels a lil like this frizzy-headed girl masquerading in elf slippers (yes, I do own a felted pair with an up-turned toe).

Circus Girl
Circus Girl by Monjojo

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A fresh spin on CD recycling…

Gadora managed a thorough clean-up yesterday. With a dreary high in the mid-40s it was far from “Spring-Cleaning,” but there was this box, probably in the office, that held this very important stuff. I was thinking. And I was meant to find it. When said box was eventually uncovered, I also discovered a multitude of discs—some in paper sleeves and some in plastic jackets—most of which had been backed up already and were no longer needed.

What to do with those discs? Put them in the curb-side recycle bins? Throw them away? No. They’re sparkly. According to Earth911, “CDs contain three main components: plastic, metals and ink… But when it comes to recycling, only metal and plastic are processed.” So, Gadora has found alternatives… Spanish designer Belen Hermosa received as much press, originally in 2007, for his CD-chair as the number of CDs he used to create it.
Back Support Disc Chair

Thanks to Russell A. Jones III for his photo-journal how-to turn a pile of CDs into a snappy tower lamp. While my current collection pales in comparison, had I kept every CD already tossed, I’d have me one of these.

Russell Jones CD lamp

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Round Top antique roundup…

This week marks the 42nd annual Round Top Antiques Fair, which sits between Carmine, Texas, a town of 230, and Round Top, population 84. Gadora and a new Lady friend, Annie, made the trek an hour(-ish) East from Austin and looked for the promised Big Red Barn sign. While both towns come alive during these antique weekends, it is the original Round Top fair folks come to see.

Not the place for bargains, three large circus tents were filled with well-edited antiques, collectibles, art work and furnishings. There were booths with scoops of a thousand vintage buttons, booths showcasing impressive carved cane collections, cases of turquoise jewels and rows of bakelite bracelets. Spots so full you had to inch in sideways.

48-drawer cabinet at Smokehouse Square
48-drawer cabinet at Smokehouse Square

Hard-pressed to choose my favorite thing, and I wanted to drag something home, there was a recurring theme throughout the day. Besides the creepy doll parts (and what is it exactly about a swap-meet that brings out the odd body parts?), which I’ll blog later… apothecary cabinets were key. This salmon-hued 48-drawer, one-time card catalog, cabinet is the winner. The owner, Cindy from Smokehouse Square Antiques in Amana, Iowa, gingerly offered, “it’s got room for all your things, ribbons, yarn… it’s great if you’re a hooker!” We both snickered.

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