Putting a lil spice in the kitchen…

On April 16th, Gadora embarked on an epic food journey whereby I eliminated ALL foods—through Kim Love’s Love Life Method—that were potentially responsible for my puffy eyes, stomach issues and sleepless nights. Cold turkey I removed cheese, citrus, sugar, soy, gluten, caffeine and beer, and other unmentionables. The first two weeks were agonizing. Though years ago I cleansed my palate of red meat, poultry and any other foods derived from four-legged animals, I discovered the devil is in the details. I became obsessed with what I ingest. Now, two and a half months later, I’ve tuned into my body’s aversion to citrus, dairy and gluten. The down side? Eating out has become a chore. I’m totally Sally in that scene with Harry where she orders a meticulous meal. The plus side? I feel like a million bucks.

The new me is cooking meals that complement my vessel, and I’ve finally discovered the bulk spice aisle at my local grocers. I’m one with flavoring black beans, salmon, bok choy, quinoa/carrot veggie burgers, and roasted brussels sprouts. Variety is the spice of life and I grab new baggies each time I’m at the store… I’ll make something delicious with this I am positively sure. Currently, my storage system is a hot mess, and I’m determined to go all Martha on my baggies and organize so they’re easy to reach.

Gadora’s been thinking about asking the more than many recent new Mom’s around the office for their baby food jars. I love the idea of re-purposing something that would otherwise be discarded. A Cozy Kitchen posted a how-to paint the tops with chalkboard paint… and you KNOW I LOVE that idea!!! These jars are available at Container Store.

DIY chalkboard paint by A Cozy Kitchen

While these, originally offered at Crate & Barrel, are the prettiest (me thinks) I’d have a hard time navigating around the dangling tags and I’m not so sure these jars would stack. How To Have It All shows you how to make your own.

Dried Herbs in Jars
Crate & Barrel spice jars from howtohaveitall.com

Simple, easy to discern, labels are key for this project. And stackable jars are a must for my pantry. Been thinking about borrowing the office label maker and printing out my labels (mine could have looked like these…), but, that’d be boring, wouldn’t it? Drift Here shows a snappy tagging system with parts they found at Collage.

Drift Here’s storage system…

DIY labels from Lane Robbins. Lovely jars, Gadora will probably opt for labels on the jars rather than the lids, for easy reading while cooking. But if you love them, print your own labels here.

DIY labels from Lane Robbins.

Gadora could go the route of hanging spices so they’re really easy to reach. But let’s face it, my kitchen is teensy and I fancy having most everything hidden—including my spices. BluKatKraft offers an easy DIY if you are so inclined.

DIY hanging spice rack from BluKatKraft.com

Lots to tinker over, and not a lot of space to make the magic happen. But I’ll be crafty, that’s for sure.
Stay tuned.

Honorable mentions:

Gigabiting ~ shows a plethora of spices in a nifty wooden display case.

The Great Pantry Raid ~ a great resource for finding just the right jar: tin vs. glass, screw top vs. push on/pull off.

HomeMakerChic ~ darling! lil jars, but anything I have to prep a funnel for beforehand, I’ll pass.

Specialty Bottle ~ a cornucopia of bottles for your spicy whims… and they’re super reasonable.