An Ode to Old Shoes…

It’s fair to say Gadora has been living as a vagabond, albeit a fairly glamorous one, for the last few years. The BFF graciously took me in a little under 2 years ago and her generosity since has been monumental. We have such an exceptional time together, she and I in our adventures, laughing our way through this thing called life. As a result of being slightly disheveled, and in the hopes of securing my next best nest, I’m as slow to unpack here as I have been in the last few spots I’ve hung my temporary hat (a finely crafted fedora is actually a hair more accurate). In the process, it turns out, I can live without quite a lot.

The ONE thing I’ve been sure to cart around are my… shoes. Upon moving in, I took over what was then the office. She let me rearrange furniture and call the space my own. We’ve been peas in a cozy pod until this week’s acquisition of fuchsia Hello Kitty skimmers (below) prompted a reorganization of my entire collection of shoes: reds with same, dressy metallics on the left, black pumps grouped together, flops and sneakers to the right just out of frame and boots (not pictured) paired toe-to-toe and heel-to-heel along the top shelf of my closet. I. Seriously. Love. Shoes.

Shoe closet organizer...

I’ve still not dragged home all of my shoes from my parents’ place, but have managed to fashion my closet after the one I so loved in Park Slope. My former decade in the shoe-biz still provides some of my most heartfelt connections and memories—ones for which I am eternally grateful—and allowed me to amass a rather covetable shoe collection. While the last two years hampered Gadora from adding crisp and fancy footwear to my current library, I’ve had a marvelous time getting back to my boots, errr… roots while hunting for vintage shoes.

Hello Kitty skimmers by Margaret J.

Over the weekend the BFF and I jaunted off to Goodwill for a few Halloween costume ideas, where I returned practically empty-handed… armed with nothing more than a new pair of (old) shoes. Hello Kitty! Ok, they’re not really Hello Kitty, but they boast a kitten, sporting a gold collar, playing with a ball. How cool are they? And besides, I miss mine immensely (see yesterday’s post).

Trying on my skimmers...

They are utterly ridiculous—and that makes them entirely fabulous.

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Someone’s got a brand new bag (and shoe portrait)…

For those of you who know me—or if you read Gadora Who?—it would come as no surprise that Gadora might take her paintbrush to shoes… in the form of a watercolor, that is. Working with, I created a watercolor for one lucky winner, and she’s been chosen: Kathleen from Bradenton, FL.  About every other week the shoe-centric site touts a “fab friday” give-away and gifts one lucky SHOE LOVER a pair of shoes, or handbag, and this week… Gadora’s portrait.

Sultry Shoes* for

Register to win this week’s give-away at, and tell them Gadora sent you. *The original photo was shot by Texas Photographer John Dunn for shuz magazine.

Dreaming of shoe closets…

With each trip to Keller, Gadora totes home another few boxes. Now mostly shoes. In Vegas, they were packed by ‘season’ and in Texas they’ve been worn well. Oh how I missed my boots. The Squeeze doesn’t quite understand my obsession with shoes. No matter. It is very real. Verbalizing how I regularly fantasize about my next great place, where I’ll have a very “Miley Cyrus” kind of office-slash-open-shoe-closet space, I pulled some photos to illustrate…

Miley Cyrus's dreamy closet

Gadora’s color palette would be more subdued, but the idea of openly displaying shoes is very enticing. I’m proud of MY collection, and YOU will all have to look at it. Miley’s huge mirror is a lovely accent. And she has skates too. Love.

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