Puppy got framed…

Weeks ago Gadora wrote about a puppy named Puppy. The GF who ordered the Animal Print emailed Puppy’s framed pic long ago. I’m just now getting around to posting (sorry)! Received the photo with another no-nonsense one-liner, “brooke and dan loved their puppy. here’s how i framed it.”

Puppy got Framed.

I love it. Thanks Al.
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A Puppy named Puppy.

Received a succinct one-liner request, “Hiring you to do Brooke and Dan’s wedding present.” The couple? A dashing duo: everyone who knew them from the beginning knew they were sooooo going to get married. The request: from THE friend who started Gadora on this whole Animal Print adventure on DailyCandy. The pressure to get this right was high.

Puppy ~ Done.

She sent the usual slew of snappy pics of Puppy and after perusing the pack, we settled on a soft bone portrait.

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Three of Five pooches in The Big D…

Gadora has been sitting on a few pet portraits for some very patient folks (and there is the one saucy set of legs still in the works)…what with the new PT job and losing my very precious kitties…I haven’t had the time, nor energy, to paint others pooches. But I have managed to eke out a few, recently three of five, and am pleased as punch with the way they’ve turned out. Meet Chocherman. “He’s a Pomeranian super personality boy,” lauds his Aunt Marissa and goes by Choche to those in-the-know.

Chocherman "Choche" ~ Pomeranian

You’ve previously met Freddy, he was situated belly-up in his favorite snuggly bed. And he’s still one cute pup.

Freddy ~ Beagle

And Sadie the Shih Tzu posing pretty for the camera.

Sadie ~ Shih Tzu

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Sonny and Rosie…

Often, pups come in pairs. However the story goes, we love dogs so much sometimes we add another one (or three) to our homes. Though these pups travel in a pack, their Animal Print pairing required a little Photoshop finagling first. Via email Laura inquired, “I am interested in having you paint a picture of my parent’s dogs as a gift for my father. Is it possible to paint both dogs in the same picture?”

Sonny and Rosie in the garden
Sonny and Rosie in the garden

Sure! Meet Sonny, an ornery Shih Tzu rescue dog, and his elder Cairn Terrier sidekick, Rosie.

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