Pooches Freddy and Shelby…

An Animal Print request came in two weeks ago, thank you again DailyCandy, for two delightful pooches: Freddy and Shelby. Freddy’s portrait would be delivered to Dallas resident Marissa, and Shelby’s to her Mom. “I have been looking for someone to do this for me for a while now! My dog Freddy is the best of course; he has big brown eyes and is a sweetheart… I would like to have the one where he is in his bed on his back with crazy eyes and his ear flopped over.”

Freddy's belly.

“For my Mom I’d like the one of Shelby, a Pitt we rescued and fostered and recently gave away to her forever home. My Mom misses her like crazy, and it would be a surprise, and a way we can keep her with us.”

Shelby's big lick.

Click on all of their pictures to see them close-up. Gadora is mighty happy with the way they turned out.

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