Not so mellow yellow…

Late last week a dear friend won on ebay, with an admirably low bid, this marvelous Mid-century modern yellow Drexel credenza. Beforehand she sent its picture around, wondering if we liked it too. Oh, YEAH! Get it girl, I hoped.

Drexel credenza
Drexel credenza

It is a lovely yellow dresser. And when she sent around the “I won!!” email, I was even more elated. It’s yellow. It’s long. And it’s perfect for her space! Happy, happy.

Today’s gloomy day outside of Dallas challenges my happy place. Sure, there’s the homemade cookies she and I made this weekend, the left-over Maltese doggie kisses, and my almost-finished project in the garage. But it’s not yellow. This drippy weather makes me blue.

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