Baby-makin’ felted Birdie

Gadora has befriended (or rather she’s befriended me) this groovy Gal. She’s a fellow Roller Girl. A real sweet crafter. And she’s  currently got the Baby Bug. Freals… Having turned me on to the felting craft, I thought it high time to beget her a bird. And because she has a cunning sense of humor, Gadora got down with her Fertility Bird. Using the Peruvian and Chilean coastal Inca Tern as reference, I gave her bird a preggers belly and one heck-of-a ‘stache. (Sorry Lady, I think growing unwanted body hair is another unpleasant side effect of being-with-fetus.)

Mustached baby-making bird

No matter, her bird also sports three felted dangling balls… they’re totally fun to finger.

Bird's balls...

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