Blankets in a pig… pining for swine.

Rather nomadic, Gadora has edited her belongings (this does not generally include my shoes) with near-scientific precision—before, during and after each move across town and country—slowly reducing the muck. The acquisition of things has never been a motivator. The pursuit of adventure, that’s a different story. And sometimes yes a special thing from a special place is in order. Recently, I spied this here “Blankets in a Pig” a friend’s Sister had procured while on a Mexican vacation.

Blankets in a Pig

How stinkin’ cute! Mexico. I’ve been there. How could I have missed this pig? Recognizing the pitch black ceramics I’d seen in Oaxaca, Mexico many years ago, I came home determined to quickly find me a puerco de Mexico. He’s simply precious and makes me giggle. And I want him. Sadly, what I thought would be a quick score has yielded pages and pages of not-so-successful surfing. But Gadora has learned Pomaireware, and what Mister Pig is fashioned from, is both functional and decorative earthenware typically produced in CHILE since the middle of the 19th century.
Pig-shaped Salsa dish

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