In praise of PINK Peeps.

In praise of Easter Peeps, please allow Gadora a little sugary sentiment. Not at all suggesting you decorate with Peeps, but I have them on the brain. This weekend Gadora is gonna tap into her inner rec Roller Girl with some very outwardly displays of Derby shenanigans when my PINK team (deeming ourselves THE PEEPS) takes OUT the GREEN team (Magically Delicious. Blech!) in our first open-door bout. Open-door = spectators.

While I’ve been trying to come up with my name-for-the-day: The PEEPinator? PEEP-in Tom? SerenPEEPity? You got one for me? Hopping on my bout-fit (a lil wink to Killer Crouton here!), Gadora has procured a pair of bunny ears, and may even don a cotton-tail. Yes, I’m getting ready, folks. And I WILL do the bunny hop. In skates.

Gadora and The Pooh

There’s been some friendly-ish banter between the teams, but it’s gonna be seeeerious on Sunday. Trying to rile us up with a little Peep-aganda, The Green Team sent us a Peep show… this all you got?

Skeptisys Peep show

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