Mighty fine agave watercolor.

Waaaaay back in June, Gadora posted a lil something about my love of the Century Plant. I’d recently accompanied a certain highfalutin Roller Gal to a gallery opening at Gallery Shoal Creek that a client of hers was a part of, and fell in love with the work of Alexey Krasnovsky.

Maguey (diptych) by Alexey Krasnovsky

In person his “Maguey” oils were so vibrant. So alive and layered. I wanted to put a little Gadora spin on an agave watercolor of my own. I teased you with a mention about a recent watercolor completion and a big reveal. Well here it is… (click on image to enlarge it).

Gadora's Agave Watercolor

In person, mine is vibrant and layered too. And I’m rather pleased with how it turned out. On a recent trip to Marfa, Gadora set her eyes on many a Century Plant in bloom. I even discovered a squatty black-tipped agave I’d not seen before. The unusual rain here, gave the West Texas desert an opportunity to be alive much later than typical. There’s a good chance Gadora has already sold this first agave watercolor, but I promise to do more.

Luxe living on wheels…

Last week on a $2-fish-taco-night-at-Quality-Seafood-outing with some friends, the subject of trailer homes came up and we went around the table sheepishly admitting who’d ever lived in one. Aren’t new trailers kind of like modular homes anyway? They’ve really come a long way, baby… and the majority of the 10-person group admitted they had. Gadora yearns to someday turn a few shipping containers into a suitable dwelling, in the meantime trailers are already equipped with plumbing. Hmmm. Gadora’s own parents roll around in a MC—short for Motor Coach—(NO ONE is allowed to call it an RV), and it is mighty fancy.

That said, there is just something undeniably luring about the shimmer of an Airstream. Thanks ShelterPop for their Airstream Penthouse round-up, at The Grand Daddy Hotel in Cape Town. “On the roof of this mild-looking gray and white hotel, is a collection of seven vintage Airstream trailers — and you can spend the night!” Infinitely more interesting than living in one, is renting one. ON. A. ROOF. Your own little Wizard of Oz fantasy come true! Are you with me?

The Ballad of John & Yoko by Tamsin Relly, Cara Rosa and Chloe Townsend

As touted on TGDH’s site, “Each of the trailers was handed over to some incredibly creative Capetonian soul to find new life through playful, eccentric and dazzling décor interpretations of how life in an Airstream can be.”

Earthcote moontides Airstream by Susan Woodley and Brigitte Dewberry

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