Gadora’s Animal Prints on Young House Love…

Late last year Gadora sent a lil Burger love to John and Sherry at Young House Love, in the form of an Animal Print. Today Gadora has teamed up with the dwelling darlings for their very fabulous (and über popular) fab freebie…

The Hamburgler...
The Hamburgler...

I’ll handle the art work and Young House Love will handle the details of the giveaway. And for every Animal Print you order through Young House Love, $5 will be donated to the ASPCA.


Like a million travelers, Gadora spent time in an airport vortex this holiday. On a flight home from Chicago, leafing through a SkyMall mag, I giggled at the ridiculous gadgets one might procure… some requiring more cents than sense, but I digress. The Wisdom Panel DNA testing kit reminded me that I’d not yet posted Riley’s Animal Print.


One of the best parts of these many Animal Prints is getting to know Gadora’s subjects… “Riley is a lovable mixed-breed who is a little over 1.5 years old and has a ton of personality.  If it helps, we have gotten a DNA test, and these are the results:

  • Beagle 37-74% (explains the barking/jumping/general craziness)
  • Maltese 20-36% (explains the biting/guarding/curly white hair)
  • Borzoi 10-19% (shape and size)
  • Poodle 10-19% (black hair)…”

Doesn’t take a DNA test to know Riley is one cute pooch!

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Daisy and the case for Doggie Rescue…

Daisy’s Animal Print request came in from New York City. Cute Pooch. Gadora asked her adoptive Mom, Emily, for a few words…”Daisy is a rescue dog, found wandering in the rain a few years ago. We don’t know her breed, but like to think that she is made up of lots of love…” Awwww.


Here’s a close-up of her finished whiskers.

Whisker lickin'

“Daisy is almost 8, but acts like she is still a puppy…”

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M Chan of Hollywood Hills..

Nana’s celebrating her 90th birthday December 12th with her family and friends in the hills of Hollywood. Her family ordered an Animal Print of M ~ a Maltese Poodle mix (Malty-Poo).

M Chan.

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DailyCandy does Gadora.

Folks, today was a BIG day. I’ve always been fond of Hump Day. I’m still panting. Received an email on Monday that one of my Animal Prints made it into the magical hands of an Editor at DailyCandy and they LOVED it. They were fact-checking. Gadora knew to get ready.

DailyCandy - June 17, 2009
DailyCandy - June 17, 2009

Above is a snippet, and here is the IN DOG WE TRUST story… (< click it!) Needless to say when I awoke (über early with anticipation), I headed straight to my inbox. And there they were. YOUR pet pictures.

• • •

Chihuahuas. Labradors. Labradoodles. A Vizsla. A Wheaten. A dearly-missed Whippet. Could I paint a horse? Half-breeds. Mutts. Calico Cats. Etc. Etc. Etc. And along with each precious email came an even better story. Gadora had immeasurable fun today talking with you about your pride in your pets. Next, I’m off to paint them…

DC, you ARE Top Dog. The Cat’s pajamas. The Bee’s knees. And quite possibly the Clam’s garters.  And I thank you.