From rags to riches: recycling magazines

Mustered a bit of spring cleaning recently and rounded up a large load of magazines. There was a time when they simply arrived. I must have filled out some survey, somewhere, and soon there weren’t enough hours in a day to peruse my glossys. So, they accumulate. Upon any visit, a guest may find an assortment on the coffee table, a special pile of Dwell’s in my room (of which I’ll never disassemble), a stash in the bath and this catch-all pile in the office.

Stack o mags.

Mostly home magazines, Gadora can’t bear to part with them. Sifting through my stash — sadly, some are still confined to their plastic sheaths — I’ve ripped out some pages for projects I want to emulate, cut up fonts and images for decoupage, and pulled a few sheets for my inspiration board. The rest remain in an ever-growing pile that I refuse to discard.

What to do?

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Kindel vanity on fire!!!

Get out your fire extinguishers, folks. This piece is red hot! Gadora finished the Kindel vanity this week, and after two days of drying time, brought it inside for a fancy photo shoot.

Kindel vanity - BEFORE
Kindel vanity - BEFORE

Before, the lines were exquisite but the piece showed definite signs of wear. The drawers’ interior simply needed a wipe down.

Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids

StripeThe finished piece is ravishing! (Didn’t I hear someone say, was it YOU Mother?, “If you don’t toot your own horn, no one else will!”) Well, darn tootin’, this piece is better than Gadora even imagined.

Kindel - AFTER
Kindel - AFTER

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The Sliding House…

“We are prepared to be radical.”
~ dRMM Architects

Thanks TheWantBlog for the post. Oh how Gadora LOVES this place.

Gadora wonders if it’s too radical an idea for her family’s land in Southern Alabama, just on the outskirts of Andalusia?

Savvy Shelf

Gadora has always had a thing for fashion magazines. In fact, they are often piled up in various spots around my home. When the piles are bordering unmanageable, I’ll sort them and pull out tears: brilliant bathroom ideas, recipes, gardening tips, etc. In New York it was common to leave read pubs on the lobby’s dresser for neighbors to peruse.

Recycling magazines
Recycling magazines

2′ x 4′

Gadora had a space above her kitchen. The wall on top of the stairs needed something snazzy, so I set to work organizing the tears into colors and shapes. The bowling alley off Union Square ran great ads in the TONY so I started from there and built a non-theme around that.

Easy to Do: Collect a few magazines, tear out what you want and arrange how you see fit. It’s easier to figure out your pattern and apply the glue with a brush to the wood shelf itself, then stick on your images. Once the surface is dry, apply a light coat of glossy clear glaze to give your work a proper finish.

Supplies: a flat surface, magazines, scissors, glue, paint brush, water, glaze, a colorful imagination.

close-up Medusa figure
close-up Medusa figure

This shelf was actually not used as such, but more a decorative panel placed on a ledge above the doorway.