business cards

In the out-and-about, Gadora finds immediately it will prove beneficial to have a calling card of sorts. Doing the right thing, printing on recycled or reclaimed paper, will take some extra research (and green) to pull off… but I’m determined.

Realizing the back of these is deliciously distracting, Gadora LOVES the idea. USB Cards offer letterpress on cereal boxes! Ooohhhh I’ve had some cereal in my day. Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops, Captain Crunchberries, Cinnamon Toast Crunch… all the sweet ones…

Other mentionables: Almost Free Letterpress, while not quite… they have some interesting to note. Studio Z Mendocino offers “business card identities.” For your sweet tooth, there’s dolce. DC’s Sycamore Stree Press touts “fresh, green and handprinted on a vintage letterpress.” Love. Gadora is keepin’ on keepin’ on.