Daisy dog.

A noble request came via Nevada (and another from YoungHouseLove): “My husband’s beloved yellow Labrador retriever, Daisy, passed away in February. I  think he would be so touched to have a portrait of her.”

Daisy at the beach.

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Gadora’s Animal Prints on Young House Love…

Late last year Gadora sent a lil Burger love to John and Sherry at Young House Love, in the form of an Animal Print. Today Gadora has teamed up with the dwelling darlings for their very fabulous (and über popular) fab freebie…

The Hamburgler...
The Hamburgler...

I’ll handle the art work and Young House Love will handle the details of the giveaway. And for every Animal Print you order through Young House Love, $5 will be donated to the ASPCA.

Gus and Codi sit pretty.

The November Animal Print request of Gus, a Golden Retriever, and Codi, a Labrador mix, was a request from Los Angeles, CA. A holiday gift for a friend in Atlanta.

Gus and Codi - DONE.

The only photo Gadora had to go on, it was small but the pooches posed perfectly for the professional photographer. (Try saying that 10 times!)

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Meet Tanner … an almost 5-year-old mix (lab, chow, plus some…) who was adopted at 3 months of age from the local county shelter. Gadora loves me some rescue dogs!


“Tanner, despite his 70 lb size, is as naturally mild-natured and well-behaved as can be,” offers his Hot-lanta Mama, Vanessa.

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Moments ago Gadora typed the last letter in Buddy’s name for tonight’s title and scooched up my chair. Celebrating the delivery of Buddy’s portrait I sighed “Buddy” loudly at the onset of this post. No sooner had the “period” been pecked when AJ (the rescued golden who lets me live in his house) nudged his big wet nose under my left armpit. Yes, he’s indeed my buddy and adores when he hears it. In the middle of our heavy petting Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody” serendipitously lit up the speakers. Ha! Pausing to serenade AJ, tail wagging, I crooned that nobody indeed loves me better… than yoooOOOOooo.

Here’s the Buddy who got AJ his belly rub.


The regal pooch’s pet portrait is for his parents, a gift from their “other” child who resides in our Nation’s capital. They all love their buddy, too. Continue reading “Buddy.”