X-ray lamp in its new place…

Gadora had a particularly fruitful day not long ago. By fruitful, I mean monetarily. In one single day, I’d sold and collected monies for two Still life watercolors I’d placed in our first-ever Office Art show, received payment for another Still Life sold through Spruce, AND was alerted via email that my beloved X-ray lamp had sold on Etsy. Happy to be in the money I was somewhat sad to see the lamp go.

I hoped it would go to a good home. In our email exchanges its buyer offered, “It’s actually a gift for a friend of mine who collects X-rays and is notoriously difficult to shop for…”

X-ray lamp at home.

“I will tell her to take a photo of it for you though, she’ll have to take one for me as well since I’m in a different state from her. ❤ (she’ll probably be thrilled to show it off to be honest!)”

X-ray lamp close-up.

When the pictures arrived, this morning, Gadora was told: “:)  She adores the lamp though and the only problem is she keeps finding other places for it that are just as fabulous.” Thank You both for sharing. I’m so happy you ❤ it (too)!

Xray-ted lampshade

With October lurking around the corner, Gadora spied an opportunity to redress an already fabulous retro Kron® lamp with discarded X-rays: an MRI of one Camille so-and-so and someone else’s pet. Here, lamp before Gadora got a hold of it.


Mostly known for TV Lamps popular in the ’50s, this Kron ceramic base is in perfect condition. The gold leaf is intact, and if it’s the original wiring it works too. I’d seen a snappy pendant lamp using the same series of X-rays and asked if I might have a few sheets…

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