My precious Peepers…

Over the course of the last nine months, Gadora has been considerably privileged to create watercolor portraits for your loved-ones. Sadly, many requests come from mourning pet-owners. You want to remember your babies. Along with their pictures, you have offered their stories: funny anecdotes, silly situations and sad, sad endings. You are proud parents not wanting to forget. It is heart-warming to know there are so many good people.

For fifteen years I have loved a sweet and snuggly creature. Born Pepé La Pew, she’s been my dainty, happy fuzz-butt princess this whole entire time. Yesterday, my beloved Peepers, as she later answered to, said goodbye to this world. She was a beautiful, and sweet sweet kitty.

Lady On Red

Two years into having Harley, my first love, I set about to find him a mate. The Peeps was part of a litter of cats in Fredericksburg, TX—some with six toes and some with sad eyes. Unsatisfied with the first few, they confided they kept one more kitten in the bedroom. “She is crazy,” they added. They opened the door and out popped an enthusiastic wee little kitten with wild eyes and bundles of energy. There’s my girl…. I knew.


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