Twig jewelry display on Apartment Therapy.

With her finger on Austin’s creative pulse, fellow blogger Adrienne Breaux posted Gadora’s twigs on Apartment Therapy. Titled, A Fresh Take on Branch Jewelry Displays she goes on to say, “Draping lovely baubles on a branch from the backyard isn’t a new idea… If you have been wondering how to make it more sleek rather than DIY, we’ve got the how-to tips from Austin’s creative maven Gadora Wilder.” Awwww.

Do-it-yourself Twig Jewelry display…

They did it! They did it! Apartment Therapy posted the jewelry display Gadora finished a while ago (it’s been sitting in my e-queue for some time). Love Adrienne’s post (Thank you Lady)! Here’s how Gadora made it happen…

• • •

Fashioning a wall-hanging jewelry display is an economical way to milk additional life out of nature’s fallen limbs, and it’s quite a fun little project! Ironically, not a few days after Gadora finished this twig display (and had shared it with a few friends), Apartment Therapy ran Branches…In the Bedroom. (remember to click on pics to see them larger!)

Branches display ~ DONE

How can YOU make one? Start by pilfering a few long, straight branches which will form the base of the display, then locate a few spindly ones. The more twists and turns your sprigs sport, the more options for hanging jewels later. Here, Gadora re-purposed a friend’s discarded sage bush branches. Once a few select pieces were pulled into the shop, it took a few minutes to visually “set” them in place. Keep in mind: twig “fingers” that face up give more secure spots to hang your jewels, and twigs that flow away from the wall allow easy-access to your new creation.

Twigs ~ Before

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