Glass Bottle Walls…

Two weeks ago Gadora, along with fellow BVers, spent an afternoon at East Austin’s KIPP school for a well-coordinated Service Day. Our first assignment: pack and number, then organize each of the more than 75 boxes in the Middle School’s library—effectively dividing the collection in half. The High School would soon have their new space. After lunch, and an emotional chant from the Middle schoolers, we set out to help finish up the rain garden and surrounding grounds. The final task: shovel a mound of recycled glass mulch into the walk-ways and flower beds. Sparkling and bright, it felt good to find a purposeful new use for beer bottles. We’ve been collecting our own, the BFF and I, as North Austin doesn’t take them at the curb.

Glass mulch in Soul of the Garden

At days end, I texted the BFF that we HAD to HAVE glass mulch in our yard! Surely it’s expensive I imagined, it’s soooo beautiful, and someone with deep pockets must have donated the mound to KIPP. Right? A little research and the BFF discovered Austin gives the stuff away. The possibilities are endless…

Charles McClure's glass garden.

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Twig jewelry display on Apartment Therapy.

With her finger on Austin’s creative pulse, fellow blogger Adrienne Breaux posted Gadora’s twigs on Apartment Therapy. Titled, A Fresh Take on Branch Jewelry Displays she goes on to say, “Draping lovely baubles on a branch from the backyard isn’t a new idea… If you have been wondering how to make it more sleek rather than DIY, we’ve got the how-to tips from Austin’s creative maven Gadora Wilder.” Awwww.

Turning bottles and a basket into a beaming lamp…

Late last year, Gadora spied a funky upholstered chair (to be refashioned later) along the side of the street. Free for the taking! I veered the car towards it, pulled the brake, and hopped out. With eyes on the prize, I stumbled (quite literally!) upon a tired and misshapen wire basket. Hmmmmm, I’ll take that too. Remembering the vintage bottles the BFF had collecting dust in the garage, Gadora set out to make a hanging, musical lamp… (remember to click on the pics to see them bigger!)

Lamp ~ DONE

At left: the remaining bottles (I chose to feature similarly sized bottles with some detail). Right: the top of the wire basket—which when utilized as a hanging planter basket would actually be the bottom…

Bottles and the basket.

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Sr. Pajaro to the rescue…

Sandwiched between two sunny 50º days, it snowed and snowed in Austin yesterday and was a happy and unexpected surprise. Gadora met it with mixed emotions. Receiving both wildly good news and very sad news—both in the same day—I charged yesterday embracing endings, ready for new beginnings. Whew! Early on I finished a few watercolors and nestled in the living room for a brief respite. Dragging out a package of felting supplies and roving that a knitting-fiend, errr friend gave me over the weekend, Gadora wanted to take a stab at felting and see how quickly something good would come.

Meet Sr. Pajaro.

Without the first clue how to felt a creature, I read the rudimentary instructions and reviewed my earlier posting about collecting cat hair. (So?) At post’s end I linked to Brookelynn’s Craftzine how-to-felt post, which suggests viewing her how-to-felt video. I watched. And I made. First the legs: a simple left-over piece of copper wire was bent into legs…

Frog legs. No!

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Q & A – stop sign table?

Chatted with a friend yesterday, who hails from Las Vegas, about a table he’s looking to make. It was the THIRD request in ONE DAY for Gadora Wilder’s take on someone else’s stuff… Got me to thinking, how about a Q & A? What do YOU have that YOU need some help with? Give it to me.

• • •

3:07 PM Mike: Hey Gadora!! I have a furniture question for you when you get a sec. 
3:07 PM Gadora: Shoot. 
M: Looking to turn a stop sign into a cocktail table…how do I do it Master Jedi?? 
G: I’d say, you’d want to mount the sign onto a cut wood base, maybe 1″ thick so you’d get a sturdy table top. 
G: What are you feeling for base? There are things (legs) at Home Depot you can attach to underside of table.
M: Something fun…it’s going in my game room.
G: Wine barrel base?
M: OOOOOOOOOO. I like that idea.
M: Should I put some glass or plexiglass on top or leave it bare?
G: Check out these barrels…
M: I really like that idea.
M: You’re the master.
G: You can get glass cut, but prolly expensive to bevel edge? I’d leave it blank, it’s a stop sign for Pete’s sake… it can take it!
M: Good point!
M: You’ve given me lots to think on…thanks!!
G: Thanks Mike. I may include you in a new Q&A section on That cool?
M: Absolutely!!!!!!!
M: I dig your X-ray lamp.
G: Thanks!!! Me too.

• • •

That was yesterday, and today I’ve found a few links for Mike:

Stop sign table at Craftster (click on pic for link)
Stop-sign table.
Stop sign table at
Rob's DIY (click on pic for story)

And a how to: ~ “How to Create Your Own Custom Table and Attach Legs.”