How the Lounge was Done…

HTLWD: Some of Gadora’s Peeps know I began a contract with Bazaarvoice in March as their Events Coordinator. I go by Steph there and keep Gadora’s goings-on confined to casual lunch chats or offer A’s when design Q’s come at me. But some of you may not know Bazaarvoice IS the place to be. It’s why people do this.

How the (Marketing) Lounge was Done:

The Challenge: Each vital team to BV’s success has a common area to congregate. It’s part of our culture to like our cohorts, and its genuine. But we’re also an aggressive, competitive bunch. With the EOQ upon us we had but a small window to “pimp our pit.” Our pit sits on the third floor of a shiny new office space perched on a hill just above the 360 Bridge. The marketing team was faced with a challenge: transform a nondescript, begging-for-attention common space. That it would turn out groovy (and enviable), was by sheer design.

Who: Halloran—whose real name has been changed to protect his innocence—(there’s a Hooterang, Skippy, Teen Wolf (who goes by T-Dub) and a Meatballs in our bunch, too) got the initial directive. Transform the space. And make it happen “yesterday.” Choatsie quickly stepped in, and soon the gang allowed me to play.

The make-it-happen-marketing-team conferred with one another and set out with a plan. Flashy, not tacky. Cheap, not cheap-looking. We would put the “fun” in functional. Inviting, but not tooooo… (wait for the beaded curtain meant to provide a small barrier to would-be loungers. It IS a work space after all).

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Q & A ~ Unique bedding under $150?

Via Facebook: “hey, i wondered of you ever come across a good website for unique bedding. i am looking for a duvet and shams and want to try and keep it under $150. so that of course rules out Anthropolgie and other awesome sights. i just thought you might have a suggestion as i know you are good with the blogs, etc.” Having only the adjective “unique” to go on, here goes…

Marimekko® Poloneesi bed lines, at Crate&Barrel, are certainly unique, and could pass for Anthropologie’s “Amlapura” duvet, at $298. “Inspired by Slavic folk art, Maija Isola’s exotic, ornamental botanical is as fresh today as it was when it debuted in 1963. “Midnight” black and purple flowers pop on a vibrant garnet ground of 400-thread-count cotton sateen.” Under $120 for the duvet, it has some nice reviews…

Marimekko ® Poloneesi Bed Linens

In contrast to Anthropologie’s “Twilit Vines” bedding (up to $328), Gadora suggests something a little more graphic. The Urban Mandala linens at Crate&Barrel’s sister-site CB2 offer an over-sized cityscape for under $100.

Urban Mandala at CB2

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