Howl mirror for sale at By George…

Gadora is always on the hunt for inspiration in snappy home-design and avant-garde clothing boutiques. My former life as an accessories editor nurtured a persnickety penchant for the finer things, though at present my champagne tastes come with a Pearl-beer budget. Catching wind of HOWL Interiors ~ Fearless Home Fashion, Gadora grabbed some girlfriends for a trip to find it. The tiny bungalow-turned-studio space, tucked just off 6th Street, was unoccupied but we peered inside to find curiosities both teensy and on a grand scale. I’d have to meet Howl’s “mad-scientist” and designer Barry Jelinski another time.

Barry Jelinski's Mirror at ByGeorge

Later that day we found Jelinski’s wildly intricate coquillage mirror at Mercury. Got my noodles churning with all the things I might do with seashells, too, had I a zillion of them and the patience of a Saint. Yesterday Gadora heard word that the amazing Howl Studios Deco-esq Mirror, which has been living at By George boutique—an Austin staple for the fashionably-inclined—IS. FOR. SALE.

Mirror ~ DETAILS

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