Linus has a thing for cat naps…

An ode to Linus… from her family.

Sleeping Kitty

The Story of the Cat who Liked to Travel

Once upon a time, there was a kitten named Linus Kitten P. who was born in the country of Greece.  The humans who owned her mother did not want this kitten, so as soon as her mother left Linus’ side, Linus was taken outside and left all alone.  A short while later, two kind and wearied travelers saved Linus and took her on a boat trip and an airplane ride across an ocean. She was sent to live in Canada in a real home with children, where Linus was ever so loved and cared for.  She had found her very own family!

This family liked to travel and before she knew it, Linus was whisked off in another airplane and sent to live in the United States. There, Linus had a nice life. The children in the family played with her.  There was always a warm lap to sleep on. Linus and her family lived there for a very happy six years.

The family decided to move again, back to Canada.  In her new home, Linus had more room to roam inside than she ever had before and she could go outside and lie in the grass to watch the birds. During the cold winter, Linus slept the days away in the coziest places in the house.
Life was good.

But, just when Linus got used to her new home in Canada, the family moved again, to another country called England. And this time, Linus would not be able to go with them for a little while.  She was lonely while she stayed in Canada.  Eventually, Linus boarded another airplane and flew across the ocean, where she and her family had a very happy reunion.

Linus is happy to travel with her family but really, a warm quiet place to sleep with lots of love and attention is all she needs. And as she looks out the window, she wonders, which country will she visit next?

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Orange and white kitty: Jasper.

We orange-and-white-kitty-lovers share a special sentiment about our furry friends: there is rarely a more handsome combination of cat colors. Harley, my own orange and white, was a real handsome dude. Gadora loved the way darker, deeper stripes raced down the orange of his neck. I adored how pristine and white his belly and paws were against the rest. I lost count after the first million kisses I planted on his adorably pink nose. And I especially loved the way his eyes would vacillate between a coat-matching orange, lemon yellow and chartreuse… but I digress.

Very recently Gadora received a request for an Animal Print of Jasper, an august orange and white feline who is dearly missed: “I came across your wonderful animal portrait on the YoungHouseLove website. I would love to commission you to paint our beloved Jasper. He passed away last March and we miss him so much. I was hoping to make this a Father’s Day gift for my husband…” Here is his Animal Print…

Jasper. Full Frontal.

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My Harley is really sick.

The loss of one pet—who has been around for 15 years—is difficult enough.

But my 17-year-old Harley is ailing too. In the past week, while I’ve been dealing with excruciatingly tough decisions and then the loss of Peepers, I’ve taken Harley to the Vet THREE times. Each time he lets me pick his frail body up and snug him in his carrier. This is so atypical. Years ago a Benbrook, TX Vet said, “Whew, that Harley is the cat from hell.” Waaah? My Boy? (Thursday I secretly smiled inside when Dr. Grimm at Great Oaks Animal Hospital said he indeed turned quite cranky once she drew fluid from his lungs.)

Harley in New York City

I’m trying really hard to make the right decision for My Boy. Really trying. Where Peepers was a lover, Harley is a FIGHTER. And I’ve asked my Vet to be very frank with me. If we have done what we can, and we know Harley will suffer… I am going to prepare myself for another difficult decision. He just needs to eat. And poo. And it will make it easier to manage his failing heart.

I hurt for him. But under my compassionate Vet’s guidance, who is not giving up on him, I cannot either.