A fresh spin on CD recycling…

Gadora managed a thorough clean-up yesterday. With a dreary high in the mid-40s it was far from “Spring-Cleaning,” but there was this box, probably in the office, that held this very important stuff. I was thinking. And I was meant to find it. When said box was eventually uncovered, I also discovered a multitude of discs—some in paper sleeves and some in plastic jackets—most of which had been backed up already and were no longer needed.

What to do with those discs? Put them in the curb-side recycle bins? Throw them away? No. They’re sparkly. According to Earth911, “CDs contain three main components: plastic, metals and ink… But when it comes to recycling, only metal and plastic are processed.” So, Gadora has found alternatives… Spanish designer Belen Hermosa received as much press, originally in 2007, for his CD-chair as the number of CDs he used to create it.

Back Support Disc Chair

Thanks to Russell A. Jones III for his photo-journal how-to turn a pile of CDs into a snappy tower lamp. While my current collection pales in comparison, had I kept every CD already tossed, I’d have me one of these.

Russell Jones CD lamp

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Do-It-Yourself anything jars…

Lacking the holiday and decorating-spirit Gadora may have been a Scrooge, but Valentine’s Day brings sweet things…namely pink-hued peanut M&Ms, Brach’s Conversation Hearts, and heart-shaped sugar cookies. And, I am certainly a fan! (Don’t even get me started on Easter’s Peeps! I almost cannot wait!) Scoring 15 quart-sized mayonnaise jars from a local Austinite, Gadora sets out to give them a new use. Sadly, North Austin does not currently recycle glass curbside. I KNOW, right?! May this suffice in giving these jars a longer shelf life!


A big fan of chalk-board paint, and determined to use it on every surface imaginable, Gadora first taped off each jar, making square or rectangular patterns…

Taped jars ~ square

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Two Hawk Post.

In Dallas, long ago, I (not yet fully Gadora Wilder) shared life with a man breaking into the film industry. We drove a lot back then (Texas takes pride in showy vehicles with super high mileage) and somewhere between Dallas and Ft. Worth we spotted a pair of hungry hawks perched high on a freeway post. It was a rare and regal sight, and I offered out loud that it’d be a great name for a post production company: Two Hawk Post. He and I didn’t make it, nor did the post production outfit, but occasionally sunny days in Texas offer spirit-lifting, hawk-spotting opportunities along the wide and busy freeways.

Adam Welz ~ Santa Ana, TX*

This weekend Austin’s hawks were out. The air was crisp, the skies sunny. Gadora spotted at least TEN red-shouldered, rufous tailed Hawks perched high above the Texas roads. More than one post held two birds of prey. *Gadora borrowed a pic from Adam Welz’ library, as it proves quite difficult to snap a shot of hawks along the freeway while behind the wheel.

Never once thought about bringing these birds indoors, but found some folks who have…

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Sick for Sock Monkeys…

This weekend Gadora checked out the ETSY Austin Craft Riot. On a friendly reconnaissance mission of sorts… (how best to market Animal Prints at a craft fair? Would there be room for setting up Gadora’s refashioned furniture?), instead I found LovelyDay Kanzashi head adornments, playful Squid Ink Kollective Narwhal tees and cutesy things from BabyBolt on display, and toured the Wondercraft! And somehow I missed the Sock Monkey Lady

Before going any further, heed this warning… there really is no particular point to this post. I’m not totally sure how I got here, but Gadora had a sock monkey… once. And it’s one of those crafting projects I could actually successfully tackle.

From the beginning...

As with many a great American idea, the Sock Monkey was imported. Images from Africa were surfacing from the European occupation in the late 1800s, and Western folks were becoming familiar with images of exotic creatures…

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Thank you very much Mr. Roboto.

Today, a funny thing happened. Well, it actually started last night when I checked out The Squeeze’s new pad. Though he had a key, the electricity wasn’t on yet, so we lurked about pointing his dim, blue-lit flashlight. His new space is a blank canvas, save for the leftover space-heater, and the little pile of metal parts propped on the porch banister. Gadora fondled a piece (I have no idea what it was intended for) and placed it on the railing so it looked like a set of robot eyes. Cute! He said it would be, “The Keeper of the Porch.”

This morning, too bright and way early, Gadora set out to organize a pile of magazine’s I’d been stashing. As I flipped through an old copy of Tribeza, a lil Austin glossy, I spied an ad for Haven Gallery. Amy Flynn’s “Bashbord” Fobot (not pictured here, or anywhere other than the ad, I looked!) was recognized as featured artist.

Bothesda 2 by Amy Flynn
Bothesda MD by Amy Flynn

Gadora needed more. “Bothesda, MD” (above) upcycles a tobacco tin, pool ball, lamp parts and hydraulic fittings. He was born 10.15.09. You can read more about him on her blog: Amy Flynn Designs.

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