The many mugs of my mean cat.

When Gadora first moved to NY I squatted in a 1-bedroom off 42nd Street for a few weeks, really squatted on a mattress in a loft above a woman’s bathroom on the Upper West Side, and eventually found my own space, across the park, just blocks near The Metropolitan. There Gadora lived on her own new mattress and out of  suitcases for a few months while the house in Dallas sold and until the cats would arrive.

Harley on the Wall

Gadora jazzed up my teeny space while warming my spirits (winter seems to last forever in NY sometimes, especially one’s first), with a mural of printed Harley pictures until he hopped his plane. I love his sourpuss ‘tude and snapped him every chance he gave me.


Easy to do: pick your favorite subject, print out pictures (this project used recycled 24 pound weight paper), tape them up in any configuration.