Watercolor Guinea Pigs: Piglet and Tigger

Seems like forever ago, Gadora painted and sent out a lil pet portrait of a wee pooch: Hamburger to some creative blogger types in Virginia. They LIKED it! Sherry and John posted it on their amazing blog-turned-life-changer Young House Love.

I couldn’t thank them enough for their original mention, but thought I’d offer their readers a Fab Freebie: one 8×10 watercolor to any lucky reader, anywhere. They agreed. I’d paint a furniture watercolor of a readers’ most revered piece, or a watercolor of their prized pet. At least 1,453 design enthusiasts checked out their blog that day (with comments), and many made their way over to Gadora. Contest Winner? These two lil piggies from North of the Border: Piglet and Tigger.

Piglet and Tigger - Watercolor Winner!

Gadora had never painted a guinea pig before. They would be my guinea pigs* of sorts for their species, get it? Sure, I’d dipped and brushed out a litter of kittens (albeit separately), several packs of dogs, a brood of hens and a horse, of course!

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Gadora’s Animal Prints featured on YHL…

For a little home blogger (and insatiable follower), it’s a BIG deal when a respected and well-trafficked site ~ Young House Love ~ loves the little ways I’m staying creative. Thank you SO much for the shout out John and Sherry. Their give-away winner Angela and I have been in touch and I’m busy painting her pair of Guinea Pigs: Piglet and Tigger.

Just YOU wait. They make a most handsome pair…you’ll see.