PAWS Party on the Patio

Gadora recently donated an Animal Print to a friend at work. It was displayed at the Tiniest Bar in Texas in conjunction with the Great Dane benefit PAWS of Austin (also known as the Central Texas Great Dane Rescue), with hopes of garnering bid buzz. Party on the Patio offered Margaritas, with proceeds benefiting the non-profit organization, performances by Alon Bernstein of More Cowbell and X, and plenty of over-sized pooches who no doubt appreciated our efforts.

Benefit portrait…

The benefit drew many devoted dog lovers and their horse-sized side-kicks, and plenty of gawks from passersby as we inched our way through the tiniest patio.

Squeezed in.

The guy on the right had the biggest head Gadora has ever seen. Ever.

One. Big. Dude.

And this one declined his photo opp. An aside: this is my favorite color palette a dog can possess. Reminds me of the over-sized Bull Mastiff I dearly miss. Man, I love dog paws.

No photos please.

PAWS’ mission is to prevent cruelty to animals by promoting humane standards through education and example. They also stress the importance of spaying and neutering. PAWS took in 88 dogs in 2010, 68 were Great Danes. With their Party on the Patio, they raised more than $2,000 (and Gadora’s print fetched $80 from the highest bidder… making it the highest bidded on item at the auction!!)

Naptime for Pooch.

Thanks friends for accompanying me to the event. Thank you big bid winner — whose pet I’m eager to paint. And thank you PAWS for doing your thing. We had a great time amongst your gentile giants.

Gogo, Felice and Gadora at Party on the Patio.

• • •

According to the ASPCA, while it’s impossible to measure, it is estimated there may be 70 million stray cats living in the US alone. And here’s a sobering fact: FIVE out of TEN dogs in shelters and SEVEN out of TEN cats are destroyed simply because there is no one to adopt them.

ASPCA ~ The first humane organization in the Western Hemisphere
PAWS of Austin ~ Protection of Animal Welfare Services, Great Dane Rescue

The Austin Area Great Dane Meetup Group ~ with extra pictures of the evening’s beneficiaries