Gus and Codi sit pretty.

The November Animal Print request of Gus, a Golden Retriever, and Codi, a Labrador mix, was a request from Los Angeles, CA. A holiday gift for a friend in Atlanta.

Gus and Codi - DONE.

The only photo Gadora had to go on, it was small but the pooches posed perfectly for the professional photographer. (Try saying that 10 times!)

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Happy holiday pups…

In November Gadora received an Animal Print request from pups’ adoptive Mother. I have a yellow lab who we have had since he was a puppy and a retriever mix* we adopted about 1 1/2 years ago.”

Yellow Lab.
Retriever Mix

A gift for their Dad, Mama had something in mind, “I absolutely love the one you did of “Hershey” up close, personal and so precise.” After a few weeks of emails, and another photo shoot of the happy pups, we settled on the above.

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Belle and Charlotte…

My dearest friend’s Poodle lost her year-long battle with a brain tumor, and then a multitude of ugly side-effects, yesterday. Ooooh dear. There just isn’t a thing one can possibly say to make it any better for my grieving friend. But that was one loved Poodle.

Back in June, Gadora received a request for a pup who’d passed just the day before. Belle (closest to the water) and her pupster-pal Charlotte loved to frolic at their doggy park by the lake. In looking through my Animal Print archives and stopping on my friend’s Poodle, I also discovered I’d not properly posted Belle and Charlotte’s portrait on Gadora.

Belle and Charlotte at the beach
Charlotte and Belle at the beach

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Dynamic Duo ~ Cody and Abby

Two pooch pictures arrived, via Grand Rapids, with a request as an anniversary gift. Cody, mostly Golden but some Newfoundland, is an 8-year-old with 105 pounds of love. He relishes his naps, and generally rises for walks and boat rides.

Cody. He's on a Boat, Man.
Cody. He's on a Boat, Man.

Abby, a rescue dog, is surmised to be a Golden/Husky mix around 5-years-old. A very curious and quick-witted pup Abby’s owners feel sure her upbringing was less than ideal. Her current “favorite thing” is to keep the property secure. But Abby earned the nickname “Vengeful Shitter” when she first arrived thinking she owned the house, and would leave a pile of poo if locked outside a room. Stinker! Her Mama confides, “She’s actually quite a lover now!”


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Originally, Chase’s Animal Print request was of him under a beach towel. Super cute, true, but Gadora felt less (busy) was more. Megan soon came up with Golden Retriever Chase sitting on the dock in the day.

Chase sitting on the dock...
Chase sitting on the dock...

StripeThe photo that accompanied the request was dark and heavily shadowed (not pictured). So, Gadora spent a little bit lightening him up, and carrying stray hairs to give detail to his chest. An aquatic canine, a breed happiest near and paddling in water, here’s Chase with a grayer muzzle and nestled on his beach towel.

Chase's towel-dried hair
Chase's towel-dried hair

• • •

Word came this week that Chase’s Animal Print arrived. “My parents got the picture of Chase and love it, thanks so much!” I hope to see him once framed.