Meet Mr. Arlo “Shmoo” Guthrie…

Gadora relishes the first sighting of an Animal Print “subject.” Some pictures of your pets simply make me squeal. There are a plenitude of fine- and funny-looking pooches, kittens and guinea pigs out there. The Etsy request for Arlo “Shmoo” Guthrie’s portrait—German short-haired pointer-mix adopted from the Humane Society—came with a slew of pics. Which pic to choose from? (You’ll see them after the jump.) This is one. stinking. cute. canine.

Mr. Shmoo's Portrait

Arlo’s portrait is to be a gift for “his best friend,” Cristin’s boyfriend. Of the first pics (below) Cristin offered, “I adore this photo of Arlo—he is in his element. A true lover of outdoors and adventure, he never fails to look out on the world with his wise eyes. What I love most about this image in particular is how he looks while doing so… ear cocked, bird fluff hair blowing in the wind. What you don’t see, however, are his beautiful squinting eyes. (If you play with the contrast you can get a glimpse of them, which is all I really want… just a hint of two eyes. Oh, and maybe to lose the camera case in the bottom right.)”

Puppy on perch

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