Making furniture (and such) out of car parts…

Sadly, Gadora’s Wonder Wagon was in a fender-bender last week. See my sad face? This week I was able to drive “The Paiger” to a few repair shops to see about getting her fixed back up. They’ll reload her with a new bumper and a refurbished trunk. Got Gadora to thinking, what might happen with my used and broken car parts?

Thanks DailyCandy for the e-introduction to Joel Hester, of Dallas-based The Weld House. L-O-V-E his work! He faithfully scrounges salvage yards turning mangled steel into coffee tables, consoles, beds and such. Hard to say he’d find this kind of inspiration from my Mazda wagon as he’s more an old school kind-of-guy… but he just might.

BEFORE: A beater with a personality begs for transformation…

62 Ford Galaxie

AFTER: As Joel says, “the hit the car took buckled the hood but the skin separated from the underside of the hood and the sheet metal was not kinked or bent. Once I cut the sheet metal skin from the hood’s underside, it was back to its flat condition. Lucky on many levels.” We’ll say.

Finished 62 Ford Galaxie

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Featured “Junker” on JunkMarketStyle

Gadora has been faithfully posting her furniture re-dos on the junking collective JunkMarketStyle…and today received a nod in their “memberjunk spotlight” for my Piano bench turned child creative center. Thank you JMS! Much appreciated.

Memberjunk Spotlight...

BTW, this piece is still looking for a home: Chalkboard center listed on Etsy.

Crackle coffee table.

Over the summer Gadora scored a weighty coffee table with burly, turned legs. I stared and glared at it, even made an attempt to refurbish it. Twice*.

Coffee Table ~ BEFORE

Gadora first mixed a supply of glaze and paint to coat the entire surface, having sanded it first. Once dry, I dry-brushed (careful to mimic the grain of the wood underneath) a coat of black/brown.

Glaze mixture ~ halfway

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Thank you very much Mr. Roboto.

Today, a funny thing happened. Well, it actually started last night when I checked out The Squeeze’s new pad. Though he had a key, the electricity wasn’t on yet, so we lurked about pointing his dim, blue-lit flashlight. His new space is a blank canvas, save for the leftover space-heater, and the little pile of metal parts propped on the porch banister. Gadora fondled a piece (I have no idea what it was intended for) and placed it on the railing so it looked like a set of robot eyes. Cute! He said it would be, “The Keeper of the Porch.”

This morning, too bright and way early, Gadora set out to organize a pile of magazine’s I’d been stashing. As I flipped through an old copy of Tribeza, a lil Austin glossy, I spied an ad for Haven Gallery. Amy Flynn’s “Bashbord” Fobot (not pictured here, or anywhere other than the ad, I looked!) was recognized as featured artist.

Bothesda 2 by Amy Flynn
Bothesda MD by Amy Flynn

Gadora needed more. “Bothesda, MD” (above) upcycles a tobacco tin, pool ball, lamp parts and hydraulic fittings. He was born 10.15.09. You can read more about him on her blog: Amy Flynn Designs.

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Slipper chairs for the boudoir…

My BFF recently added a simply lovely four-poster bed from Four Hands in her master suite. There’s ample space for a seating area in her expansive room, Gadora proposes, and inquired, “How do you feel about slipper chairs?” She likes. Scoured the internets yesterday looking for both inspiration, and an affordable option, so I might present several for The BFF to consider…

Suzie Page on Apartment Therapy
Suzie Page on Apartment Therapy

Late yesterday Apartment Therapy posted a house tour by Austin’s own Adrienne Breaux and it is LOVELY. While the wall color is stunning, it is the pairing of the room’s two feminine chairs that caught my eye. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a slipper chair as “an armless upholstered chair with short legs. Originally used in the bedroom, slipper chairs are now used as accent seating in living rooms, family rooms and even offices.”

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