Le Peacock felt creature…

Gadora had such a fun time felting Sr. Pajaro, and has relished how quickly he came together. He is simply silly. This morning, the BFF quipped, “I want a peacock.” Here, complete with toe-ring. 

Le Peacock. Erect.

At last night’s Wondercraft Grand Opening, I took a few minutes to visit with Austin Etsy artist Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsy Harte who does more than dabble in fibers. The convo got more creative juices going. And today, Le Peacock was born. Her fancy tail-feathers almost draw your eye away from hers, but her frilly button-front shirt ensures you’ll look again.

Le Peacock, close-up.

Sr. Pajaro to the rescue…

Sandwiched between two sunny 50º days, it snowed and snowed in Austin yesterday and was a happy and unexpected surprise. Gadora met it with mixed emotions. Receiving both wildly good news and very sad news—both in the same day—I charged yesterday embracing endings, ready for new beginnings. Whew! Early on I finished a few watercolors and nestled in the living room for a brief respite. Dragging out a package of felting supplies and roving that a knitting-fiend, errr friend gave me over the weekend, Gadora wanted to take a stab at felting and see how quickly something good would come.

Meet Sr. Pajaro.

Without the first clue how to felt a creature, I read the rudimentary instructions and reviewed my earlier posting about collecting cat hair. (So?) At post’s end I linked to Brookelynn’s Craftzine how-to-felt post, which suggests viewing her how-to-felt video. I watched. And I made. First the legs: a simple left-over piece of copper wire was bent into legs…

Frog legs. No!

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Fur ball round-up…

While Gadora was on set in a NYC photo studio, the photographer revealed her new series—artistically photographed tufts of animal hair. Magnified like a hundred, hair actually does make for an interesting composition. Later, feeling more comfortable, she offered, “do you want to see it?” Um. Yes? She disappeared, then returned holding a BOWLING ball-size felted ball of cat hair she’d been working on for years. I totally touched it. Years later, I’m not sure which is more alarming… the girth of that ball? Or that I didn’t think “it” odd.

There’s A LOT of fur up in this house. One super cute poop-eating pooch. An often cantankerous domestic short hair. And two, exceptionally fluffy (and by that I also mean overweight) cats. We. All. Shed. Even with the extraordinary Hoover canister vacuum (which makes suck-time loads of fun), hair removal is a never-ending battle. Recently my squeeze sent this link, Amelia Santiago’s brilliant take on a pet portrait.

Big and Little Kitty
Big and Little Kitty

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