Post-election Aristo-crap…

Nothing seems to split a nation like some good ole’ fashioned politics. So tonight, exactly one day after a narrowly re-elected 44th President, Gadora pays tribute to some creative Americans who valiantly exercise their right to peddle their artsy politico crap. And while we’re a nation divided, both sides of the camp get in on this equally. And while politics are indeed serious business, let’s relax for a minute, shall we? And take a romp around Etsy.

Mitt Romney ceramic party cup

The last few months of Politicking drive you to drink? LittleChairPrinting‘s ceramic nod to an iconic brand allows you to toast your candidate while enjoying your favorite libation. Though Romney wouldn’t join in if it were the adult variety. 

"OH YEAH" politically charged acrylic mixed media.

Ever since Gadora’s discovery of Dada artist Hannah Höch, in Madrid’s Museo Reina Sophia, I’ve entertained an affinity for mixed media. The moment I spied this piece from Achristocraft, I belted my favorite political anthem…. “America F- Yeah!” Obama— now THAT would have jazzed up your supporters prior to your acceptance speech.

MITT FOR MUTTS: Mitt Romney Dog Toy People Will Love
Mitt for Mutts

Mitt for Mutts is one of four dog toys in Annika Sandback‘s series, “Throw Them to the Dogs!” “Grab the politician who drives you crazy and THROW HIM TO YOUR DOG! Or, keep him for yourself!” Turns out Jada (pictured) didn’t like Mitt for Mutts one bit. “A real beauty from Brooklyn and all muscle, Jada tried her best — without success — to rip him to shreds. Guess she heard about the dog on the roof!”

Bow-Wow Barack.

Rather sacrifice the incumbent? (See Bow-Wow Barack above.)

Enemies Enemy - Original Painting
Enemies Enemy by Jon Stich

Jon Stich is quite the gem. For this 18 x 25 acrylic painting he simply offers, “Five of the Republicans competing for the 2012 ticket, all guised as Batman villains.” His Isaac vs. Romney is pretty incredible too.

Obama Vs Zombies 2012 8.5x11 digital print - Use the code WEAREDOOMED for 15% off
Obama vs. Zombies.

With that, it’s only appropriate Obama gets his play time. Thanks TinaSeaMonster for sharing your handy work. Bam!

Tribute to Michelle Obama
Klimt-inspired Michelle Obama

Let’s not forget about our lovely First Lady. For $8,000 (yep, that’s with three zeros), you could proudly display this massive Klimt-inspired tribute to Michelle by New York City artist Hannah Laufer-Rottman. “Oil on canvas – 52 x 35 in. Have any questions?”

Yeah. That’s right.

I prefer the more simple art. Graphic in nature. Something more in line with this succinct print from Checker Press. Yep, ain’t no party like a Democratic party.

Faces of Obama - A series of 6 busts
Faces of Obama – A series of 6 busts

This Christopher Genovese guy is mad genius. I can’t get over the detail. He doesn’t give up much in the way of technique or inspiration. But you’re looking at a “Hand painted series cast from an original clay sculpture. Individually numbered and signed.” Kudos.

Sure, there’s a lot at stake during any given election. We get heated. We take sides. It is a grand responsibility for us all. And while I may not agree with your candidate, nor you mine…. We are in this together, folks. This is OUR great nation.

And in the end I ask you…

Why can't we all just get along T-shirt


Note the tote: Austin’s gotta brand new bag

With Spring done and gone, Gadora reflects on a recent-ish project whereby I had the pleasure of creating a gift tote graphic for my Boss Lady’s intimate wedding. She and her Hubs tied the knot in April, and to help out-of-town guests feel at home she assembled a personalized goody bag for each. It would draw attention to the couple’s favorite city spaces and was filled with an Austin map, snacks and love. With my own favorite city blog, CultureMap Austin, featuring an Etsy Austin-themed roundup just this week, I thought it time I get mine on the internets… (keep scrolling for it).

Austin-based Etsy artist Victrola 35 created her own rendition of some of the city’s hot spots. On organic cotton canvas, buyers can choose from kelly green or bright red. $32.

Austin tote by Victrola Design

Can’t find much about this artist, but their Etsy site purports, “Goody Bags are every busy girl’s staple item.” You be the judge. The simple graphic appears on a nice woven jute bag with a cotton handle, and at $20 it’ll pay for itself in style points in no time at all.

Goody Bag <3s Austin.
Goody Bag

I’d been noodling additional ideas about this post since yesterday, then serendipitously a hankering for a HopDoddy veggie burger on a magical gluten-free bun would march me past By George to spy this handy tote. Sorry folks, they don’t do eCommerce, but you can read about the cross-continental collaboration between By George and Apolis here.

Jute and canvas tote at By George

And now for Gadora’s tote. It helps to have a friend with a screen press. He worked with me on making sure the text and images were large enough for his press to interpret. And, Melissa gave me a list of locales that were meaningful to she and her groom: where they ventured on their first date, their favorite watering hole, and where they’d share their nuptials.

Close-up of Melissa’s wedding tote…

I simply penciled a map on a piece of copy paper, making sure to include the city’s famous bats, and handed it over for the screen printing. Voila! It was a darling, and inexpensive, way to greet the couple’s guests. And a personal way to include them in the wedding. Happy Marriage, Lady!

The Happy Couple’s Tote

From rags to riches: recycling magazines

Mustered a bit of spring cleaning recently and rounded up a large load of magazines. There was a time when they simply arrived. I must have filled out some survey, somewhere, and soon there weren’t enough hours in a day to peruse my glossys. So, they accumulate. Upon any visit, a guest may find an assortment on the coffee table, a special pile of Dwell’s in my room (of which I’ll never disassemble), a stash in the bath and this catch-all pile in the office.

Stack o mags.

Mostly home magazines, Gadora can’t bear to part with them. Sifting through my stash — sadly, some are still confined to their plastic sheaths — I’ve ripped out some pages for projects I want to emulate, cut up fonts and images for decoupage, and pulled a few sheets for my inspiration board. The rest remain in an ever-growing pile that I refuse to discard.

What to do?

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Love letters…

A long-time devotee of doodling, the kiddo Gadora spent many an hour practicing cursive, trying to emulate my Dad’s near-perfect Architectural lettering and scribbling my name in notebooks. I hadn’t a clue one could actually make a living manipulating letters. As a professional, I eventually made a living with my own letters – not as a graphic artist, but as a writer. And in the magazine biz, I happily brushed shoulders with folks romantically fanatic about their favorite fonts. They did pretty things with letters I never could.

With Valentine’s Day in the rear-view mirror, and my Sugar 1,127 miles away, I write an ode to letters – inspired by the much appreciated love letters Gadora recently received in the mail. Letter writing is not a lost art. Nor is decorating with them…

During one of our Skype dates, The Valentine forwarded this DIY project idea. Oooh, I like the way you’re thinking… It’s dreamy and touches on so much of what Gadora digs: reusing and repurposing stuff otherwise ready for a landfill. Dana of house*tweaking gives us a how-to turn an old fence into a fancy new headboard.

The Love Bed by house*tweaking

And here, how it looks all dolled up.

Love bed in the room...

Gadora never embraced the latest letter decal craze. Sure, I loves me some stickers, but they’re reserved for my bumper or metal tool box, but definitely not my wall. That said, this font wall, from Italian company Wall & Deco, is actually a fancy wallpaper. Wallpaper is making a comeback. Thanks Tidystuff for posting.

Letterpress wall.

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Some things are better in pairs…

Some things flourish with a mate. A great lounger and its perfect ottoman. Donny and Marie. Roller Derby and protective gear. Home-furnishings sometimes warrant a coupling of similar items and prove some things are better in pairs. Two candelabras on a well-set table. Or, a pair of lamps flanking a well-made bed. Matchy-matchy is sometimes nice.

And while Gadora is refurbishing a twosome of 3-drawer bed tables, at an admittedly snail-like pace, I’ve been obsessed with homely combos and dig these Mid-Mod speckled-ceramic lamp bases (shade not included) from Etsy Seller: FabulousMess.

60s Mid-Mod Lamps

A pair of Vintage Mid Century Modern bookshelf speakers. “Each speaker measures 13 1/2″ tall and 10″ in diameter,” adds Etsy Seller Modnique, and “have been tested and work great.” Not at all sure how the “bookshelf” comes into play, but here you are.

Modnique's speaker tables...

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