A gem in Austin’s Cherry Creek

Living Room and La Luna shadowbox
Living Room and Luna L'Amour shadow-box

Name: Ellen, Sarah, Sandra, Billie and Butchie
Cherry Creek, South Austin
1,370 sq. ft., 4 bedrooms, 2 baths

Artist Ellen Tanner’s home, nestled in the heavily-treed South Austin neighborhood of Cherry Creek, oozes with creativity. A consummate artist, Tanner has filled her space with well-edited items she and her wealth of talented friends have created over the years. Luna L’Amour (above) is a shadow-box homage to “voluptuous burlesque gals” that Tanner created in 2002.

Ida Lewis by Ellen Tanner
Ida Lewis by Ellen Tanner

Her painted ode to lighthouse keeper Ida Wells shares the same space on the home’s original stone wall hearth. To the untrained eye, it’s masterfully entertaining. Not her favorite piece, she let me snap it anyway, the other paintings still in her possession have been rounded up for a gallery in Houston.

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