From rags to riches: recycling magazines

Mustered a bit of spring cleaning recently and rounded up a large load of magazines. There was a time when they simply arrived. I must have filled out some survey, somewhere, and soon there weren’t enough hours in a day to peruse my glossys. So, they accumulate. Upon any visit, a guest may find an assortment on the coffee table, a special pile of Dwell’s in my room (of which I’ll never disassemble), a stash in the bath and this catch-all pile in the office.

Stack o mags.

Mostly home magazines, Gadora can’t bear to part with them. Sifting through my stash — sadly, some are still confined to their plastic sheaths — I’ve ripped out some pages for projects I want to emulate, cut up fonts and images for decoupage, and pulled a few sheets for my inspiration board. The rest remain in an ever-growing pile that I refuse to discard.

What to do?

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