Round Top antique roundup…

This week marks the 42nd annual Round Top Antiques Fair, which sits between Carmine, Texas, a town of 230, and Round Top, population 84. Gadora and a new Lady friend, Annie, made the trek an hour(-ish) East from Austin and looked for the promised Big Red Barn sign. While both towns come alive during these antique weekends, it is the original Round Top fair folks come to see.

Not the place for bargains, three large circus tents were filled with well-edited antiques, collectibles, art work and furnishings. There were booths with scoops of a thousand vintage buttons, booths showcasing impressive carved cane collections, cases of turquoise jewels and rows of bakelite bracelets. Spots so full you had to inch in sideways.

48-drawer cabinet at Smokehouse Square
48-drawer cabinet at Smokehouse Square

Hard-pressed to choose my favorite thing, and I wanted to drag something home, there was a recurring theme throughout the day. Besides the creepy doll parts (and what is it exactly about a swap-meet that brings out the odd body parts?), which I’ll blog later… apothecary cabinets were key. This salmon-hued 48-drawer, one-time card catalog, cabinet is the winner. The owner, Cindy from Smokehouse Square Antiques in Amana, Iowa, gingerly offered, “it’s got room for all your things, ribbons, yarn… it’s great if you’re a hooker!” We both snickered.

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At Home in East Austin

"R" marks the spot.

Name: Rachel, Jezebel and Lola
East Austin
1,550 sq. ft.
Years in: 9

In a cozy East Austin neighborhood, the scarlet letter “R” marks the spot. Built in 1935 and rumored to have moved to its current location in the ’50s, the house stands apart from its modest mid-century neighbors, and the mystery of its origins tickle its owner pink. The muted turquoise exterior and lilac-trimmed windows only foreshadow the whimsy inside. (Click on pics to take a closer peek!)

Living room and storage close-up

Rachel describes her 7 room, 1 bath house as, “Hyde Park style via the East Side ghetto…with a splash of porn and a lot of hidden yarn.” A fierce knitter, admittedly not monogamous in her projects, she finds clever spots to conceal her craft. The diamond plate truck storage box serves as both yarn storage and coffee table.

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Mid-Century Modern in Tulsa.

Recently Gadora traveled to Tulsa to see about her Mom. I like Tulsa (and love my Mama!). T-town is quiet, though Frank Lloyd Wright left an indelible mark with his “Westhope” home. Moments after touch down my Mama beamed, “we’ve got something to show you,” and whisked Gadora off to Mod50s Modern, a busy warehouse shop on East 15th.

50sMod on E. 15th, Tulsa
Mod50s on E. 15th, Tulsa

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Red with envy.

As the polyurethane coat is drying on the Kindel table, and oh it’s soooo shaping up, Gadora pauses to bring you some red inspiration. Surprisingly few brilliant red pieces on the Net, here are some of my faves:

Lucy Allen Gillis - Apartment Therapy
Lucy Allen Gillis - DesignSponge

5-drawer dresser, more a coral color, “pops” against the light aqua walls. The piece sits nicely in a 1940’s brick cottage house in Athens, GA. Love! For an in-depth look, click on RinneAllen.

Cabinet - Apartment Therapy
Cabinet - Apartment Therapy

Sure wish I could hug up on this cabinet. It’s loverly. And Kim, Gadora likes the idea of it sitting against a blueish gray wall, too.

Thout at Ministry of the Interior
Thout at Ministry of the Interior
Thout - close-up.
Thout - close-up.

Gadora‘s heart skips a beat for this wooden table at Toronto’s Ministry of the Interior. Would also LOVE it narrowed, and behind a sofa. Mmmm.

Greenpoint Crashpad - NYTimes
Greenpoint Crashpad - NYTimes

A color palette perfect for the Kindel vanity…bright, energetic, warming. How did the two (male) models-turned-shooters do it? Like many New Yorkers, they dragged stuff home. “It’s all based on what you could carry on a bicycle,” Bender said. “We’d go around on our bikes picking through the trash and whoever brought home the most fashionable object was the winner of the day.”

Scott and Benders pad - NYTimes
Scott and Benders pad - NYTimes

Well, theirs is some pretty amazing crap. Gadora is headed outdoors to check on the drying. Getting close, very close.

Red in Fred…

Gadora barreled West today towards Johnson City. Made a 1-day road-trip to Fredericksburg for their monthly Trade Days. As I tore down a hill with open windows and eager eyes, surrounded by mesquite trees and rolling green pastures, and as the Texas sky threatened a serious downpour Gadora slapped the stearing wheel and let out a big, “Whoo-hoo! I live HERE!!!” It was a channeled Smokey and the Bandit moment. And I’m still smiling.

Overlooking the hill country
Overlooking the hill country

Trade Days would have to wait until Gadora visited Red, an online summer discovery. When I lived in Fredericksburg more than a decade ago, during a time I refer to as my “previous life,” there was truly only Homestead, then the pinnacle of home decor.

Red. In Fred.
Red. In Fred.

I was in women’s fashion. But I went in to gawk. A very ABC kind of place, it offered the kind of interior gems only afforded those with healthy pockets. But its inspiration was free.

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