An ode to Octopi

Gadora had a good, long video chat with her Mama yesterday. She’s in Sudan for two years, and I don’t like it one bit, except I concede she and her Hubs are wildly adventurous, and brave. Texas’ relentless summer heat had me in a furniture-refinishing-funk. It’s October now, I’ve got no excuse, and my mother told me so. We e-worked through my list of outstanding projects. Tie chair refurbished, check. Flowerdy lamp, sold. But what color should I paint this thing? Oooh, that’s a good idea for that!

We also filled one another in on the goings-on. She’d visited a lovely African market. And vacuumed stripes of thick red dust off the lampshades. She’d stumbled into a Sudanese hair salon inquiring about a new du, only she doesn’t speak Arabic, yet. I saw Whip It. Oh yeah, I’m thinking hard about my Roller Girl name. I held up my showy Octopus cuff by local artist Joey Marez, so she could see.

Octopus Cuff by Joey Marez
Octopus Cuff by Joey Marez

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