The Weld House: Fast and Furious furniture…

An update on the 2nd Floor lounge. We’ve put the petal to the metal, and it pretty much rocks. But first a quote, “It takes 8,460 bolts to assemble an automobile, and one nut to scatter it all over the road.” ~Author Unknown.

It takes the work of one genius—Joel Hester of The Weld House—to reshape automobile metal into relevant home furnishings. He’s got a knack for seeing the future in old rusty car parts, which he translates into working furniture. Here, a ’65 Chevy stepside…

Before ~ Hood

that eventually became this…

65 Chevy-turned-coffee table

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It’s high time for a coffee break…

There’s no rest for the weary. Though the suitably roomy L-shaped sofa has arrived, Gadora is still searching for extra seating for the 2nd Floor Lounge. I’m hoping it will be the place-to-be after all, so we’ll want enough space for the work peeps to enjoy it, thoroughly. In search of both a “floating” wall shelf and carved wooden stumps, last week I visited the folks at Delta Millworks, who recommended I meet Lee of Old Texas Floors (there’s a visual story here! but you’ll have to wait for it). Lee’s worked up a pricey quote for 2 stumps-to-turn-stools and to be sure…I surfed the interwebs for comparable items.

Turns out Lee’s wood stools—which were once beams anchoring an old warehouse—will be aaaah-mazing and at more than 100 years old, they are priced just right. While nurturing a cup o’ joe this morning, Gadora found a few items worth percolating over: home furnishings made from reclaimed coffee sacks.

VivaTerra's recycled seat

This hand-built chair inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s iconic Barcelona, is an upholstered version of a Mexican butaca. They’re made of machiche, a tropical Guatemalan hardwood, with well-padded cushions upholstered in reclaimed jute coffee sacks. I. Want. Two.


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2nd Floor lounge… coming together…

For the last couple of weeks, Gadora has been point person for the office’s 2nd floor lounge. The original vision: transform an otherwise pedestrian 19′ x 22′ office room with a well-appointed kitchenette into a vintage, yet modern, industrial space filled with plenty of seating, a phat TV and a bar. The room would be at once fun and FUNctional, durable and inviting. The original design team, to whom I’m grateful for passing their torch, presented a few spaces worthy of emulation: the Mohawk Lounge’s green room.

Green Room at Mohawk Lounge

And another (anonymous) spot: rich with woods and color, filled with interesting shapes and vintage, unique pieces.

Modern Victorian

Since having received said torch, Gadora has been on the hunt for fierce furnishings to fill the space. Not. A. Bit. Of. Pressure. The folks at the office are a determined and creative bunch. The new physical space would reflect our penchant for cutting-edge innovation in cyberspace. The concrete flooring had just been done—a stained concrete floor that’d make any UT fan proud. But the rest was bare…

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Q & A ~ Can you identify this piece?

An anonymous inquiry came via email: “I came across a cool mid-century coffee table. Glass oval top. Wooden boomerang/antler like legs. Any insight to name/age? Thank you in advance…[It] was found in my fathers attic during a move and posted on Craigslist.” He added that people have offered more than 4x what he listed it at and, “I wanted to make sure I wasn’t selling a Van Gogh.” Here goes…

"Boomerang" table (1)
"Boomerang" table (2)
"Boomerang" table (3)

With a hunch but not 100% sure, Gadora deferred to a dear friend with mad online search skills.

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Q & A – stop sign table?

Chatted with a friend yesterday, who hails from Las Vegas, about a table he’s looking to make. It was the THIRD request in ONE DAY for Gadora Wilder’s take on someone else’s stuff… Got me to thinking, how about a Q & A? What do YOU have that YOU need some help with? Give it to me.

• • •

3:07 PM Mike: Hey Gadora!! I have a furniture question for you when you get a sec. 
3:07 PM Gadora: Shoot. 
M: Looking to turn a stop sign into a cocktail table…how do I do it Master Jedi?? 
G: I’d say, you’d want to mount the sign onto a cut wood base, maybe 1″ thick so you’d get a sturdy table top. 
G: What are you feeling for base? There are things (legs) at Home Depot you can attach to underside of table.
M: Something fun…it’s going in my game room.
G: Wine barrel base?
M: OOOOOOOOOO. I like that idea.
M: Should I put some glass or plexiglass on top or leave it bare?
G: Check out these barrels…
M: I really like that idea.
M: You’re the master.
G: You can get glass cut, but prolly expensive to bevel edge? I’d leave it blank, it’s a stop sign for Pete’s sake… it can take it!
M: Good point!
M: You’ve given me lots to think on…thanks!!
G: Thanks Mike. I may include you in a new Q&A section on That cool?
M: Absolutely!!!!!!!
M: I dig your X-ray lamp.
G: Thanks!!! Me too.

• • •

That was yesterday, and today I’ve found a few links for Mike:

Stop sign table at Craftster (click on pic for link)
Stop-sign table.
Stop sign table at
Rob's DIY (click on pic for story)

And a how to: ~ “How to Create Your Own Custom Table and Attach Legs.”