Cody and Hazel for the birthday boy…

November and December were busy months for me as the Animal Print orders steadily trickled in. A long-time Gadora reader, Ann, sent a request for her husband’s 60th birthday. Would I paint their two Chocolate Labs? It came with an inquiry about my own dearly departed (and once doted on) kitties. How was I doing since they were gone? I rather adore this woman. She’s quick to comment and share her design (and personal thoughts) and as such I feel sure we are kindred spirits.

Meet her Hazel.

Hazel sitting pretty.

And his Cody.

Cody by the pool...

I’m typically quite reluctant to post any Animal Prints on Gadora before they are received. Online posts are deceptive as the watercolors are infinitely more interesting (and detailed) in person (…and I hate to ruin any surprise). But Ann’s portraits went to Colorado while she flew off to Florida to tend to her family.

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Daisy dog.

A noble request came via Nevada (and another from YoungHouseLove): “My husband’s beloved yellow Labrador retriever, Daisy, passed away in February. I  think he would be so touched to have a portrait of her.”

Daisy at the beach.

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Gadora’s Animal Prints on Young House Love…

Late last year Gadora sent a lil Burger love to John and Sherry at Young House Love, in the form of an Animal Print. Today Gadora has teamed up with the dwelling darlings for their very fabulous (and über popular) fab freebie…

The Hamburgler...
The Hamburgler...

I’ll handle the art work and Young House Love will handle the details of the giveaway. And for every Animal Print you order through Young House Love, $5 will be donated to the ASPCA.

Loves me some Chocolate.

When an Animal Print request comes in for a pet who has recently passed, Gadora owns a certain responsibility to recreate their portrait painstakingly right. This is Hershey. The original photo her Mama, Jessica, emailed Gadora was perfectly personal. Hi-Res. Crisp. Telling.
Hershey's Animal Print
Hershey's Animal Print
Hershey’s family lost her when she was 12.5 years old, just over a month ago. Jessica wanted to gift an Animal Print for her husband’s birthday. The image was SO good. The composition. Hershey’s expression. I spent a great deal painterly layering in her chocolate hue of hairs. And her eyes… I am exceptionally proud of them.

Off Hershey’s print went to Honolulu, Hawaii and I eagerly awaited her arrival. “We received Hershey’s portrait last week, thank you so much. It is really beautiful and my husband loved it.”

Reno. 411.

A common request of Gadora’s Animal Prints is that they capture ones beloved in their best light. Meet Reno. “Sweet Reno, who is now 11 years old.  This picture was taken about 3 years ago; I like it because it makes her appear dignified, which is so far from the truth it’s hilarious,” offers her Seattle-Mama Raegen.


Stripe“She’s considerably whiter around the muzzle now, but does like to affect a regal bearing now and again, when my kids aren’t climbing all over her and dressing her up in funny hats.” Now, that would be a picture!!!

Regal Reno
Regal Reno

Reno, a mixed-breed (Choc Lab and Doberman or Rottie-mix) hails from the county animal shelter, “This dog was my first child, and in many ways, she is the great love of my life.  She only has eyes for me.  I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that she won’t always be with me.”

Her painting arrived. “It looks great,” Raegan emailed, and is very pleased. Gadora is too.