My precious Peepers…

Over the course of the last nine months, Gadora has been considerably privileged to create watercolor portraits for your loved-ones. Sadly, many requests come from mourning pet-owners. You want to remember your babies. Along with their pictures, you have offered their stories: funny anecdotes, silly situations and sad, sad endings. You are proud parents not wanting to forget. It is heart-warming to know there are so many good people.

For fifteen years I have loved a sweet and snuggly creature. Born Pepé La Pew, she’s been my dainty, happy fuzz-butt princess this whole entire time. Yesterday, my beloved Peepers, as she later answered to, said goodbye to this world. She was a beautiful, and sweet sweet kitty.

Lady On Red

Two years into having Harley, my first love, I set about to find him a mate. The Peeps was part of a litter of cats in Fredericksburg, TX—some with six toes and some with sad eyes. Unsatisfied with the first few, they confided they kept one more kitten in the bedroom. “She is crazy,” they added. They opened the door and out popped an enthusiastic wee little kitten with wild eyes and bundles of energy. There’s my girl…. I knew.


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Snuggle bugs: Asterix and Leo

Emily, a New York resident and Animal Print enthusiast, requested another for her Husband. He’s a cat lover. And little wonder, as his are two snuggly, fun-loving felines. Their Mama offers, “Leo and Asterix are both rescue cats. A summer night in New York City, we were wandering home from dinner through Union Square and came across a woman running an animal adoption program. She specialized in rescuing dogs, but had taken in a few kittens from the Bronx who badly needed a home. We took one look and brought them home. They were 3 months and 4 lbs then… and now are 2 years and 16lbs.”

Love bugs: Asterix & Leo

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Kitties Comet and Daphne.

In mid-November, Gadora received a request for Comet and Daphne. Krista wrote, “I’m hoping to give my mom and my sister a portrait of their cats who passed away last year. We’re a cat family and I know it will mean a lot to them.”

I’m a cat family too, and was happy to oblige. However Gadora guessed inaccurately that Comet was The Pill. “Comet was actually a sweetheart!! Daphne was the cantankerous one! I really like this one for Comet,” she adds, “I think he had just woken up from a nap or something. This was near the end of his life so I think my mom would like it.”


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Thank you very much Mr. Roboto.

Today, a funny thing happened. Well, it actually started last night when I checked out The Squeeze’s new pad. Though he had a key, the electricity wasn’t on yet, so we lurked about pointing his dim, blue-lit flashlight. His new space is a blank canvas, save for the leftover space-heater, and the little pile of metal parts propped on the porch banister. Gadora fondled a piece (I have no idea what it was intended for) and placed it on the railing so it looked like a set of robot eyes. Cute! He said it would be, “The Keeper of the Porch.”

This morning, too bright and way early, Gadora set out to organize a pile of magazine’s I’d been stashing. As I flipped through an old copy of Tribeza, a lil Austin glossy, I spied an ad for Haven Gallery. Amy Flynn’s “Bashbord” Fobot (not pictured here, or anywhere other than the ad, I looked!) was recognized as featured artist.

Bothesda 2 by Amy Flynn
Bothesda MD by Amy Flynn

Gadora needed more. “Bothesda, MD” (above) upcycles a tobacco tin, pool ball, lamp parts and hydraulic fittings. He was born 10.15.09. You can read more about him on her blog: Amy Flynn Designs.

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Whisker Lickins Kitty Riser

For a year now, Gadora’s old crotchety cat has had an odd habit. Harley, hardly fond of bath-time, scoops sips of water from his bowl using his precious pink-padded paw. Always his right paw and always a few labored sips before he slowly stoops down to drink the rest.

How we made it happen:

Pops and Gadora tinkered with a scrap piece of wood. Once wood was cut, we “eyed” where screws would adhere top of riser to its base and marked with a pencil. Kids, don’t try this at home. Professionals make a habit of “measure thrice, cut once.” Or so I’ve heard. But since the beneficiary of this project is a 17 year old cat, we figured… why not?

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