3-pack of Animal Prints…

The holidays afforded Gadora an opportunity to paint pet portraits for all sorts of people. They were sent to parents, given to loved ones and in the case of Foucault, Lillie and Smokey…Susan from Chicago sent, “I read about you in DailyCandy about the animal prints you do. I loved them! I thought it would be great Christmas presents for my bosses…”

Sleeping Foucault

Lillie in the sun.

And then there’s Smokey…

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Meet Bella.

Meet Bella, the Black Labrador. A “gentle giant” weighing in at 95 pounds, “she was truly one of the most gentle and cuddly dogs,” offers her California Mama Michelle. “Bella and I had been together for 12 years; she was my constant and loyal friend. She provided me and everyone that knew her with love, laughs and affection.” Good dogs do that, don’t they? “She spent a lot of time crawling onto my lap.” Yes, they do.

Bella at home.

Her Animal Print request came in with a smallish photo. Gadora requested another, and asked for a few words on Miss Bella… this was her latest photo.

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