Dear Dodger the Bassett Hound…

The following request came in from New York City. “I found your website online and would like to order a  watercolor of a beloved friend, Dodger.  He was my good friend’s dog and he passed away a few weeks ago when he broke loose and was hit by a car. When my friend told me he was going to get a coffee mug made with a picture of Dodger on it so he can think about him every morning when he drinks his coffee, I came up with the idea to get a portrait of Dodger for him so he can remember him all day.”

Dodger the Hound Dog...

Gadora, though sad under the circumstances, had The Best time painting up ole’ Dodger. I have a soft spot in my heart for Bassetts. There were my encounters with Caesar the hound who’s ears out-sized him and my GF’s cantankerous Uncle Lou.

Dodger in Park.

Though Dodger’s pic was small, the fall colors of the park provided a stunning backdrop for his Animal Print. Sure can’t wait til his portrait is delivered.

DailyCandy does Gadora.

Folks, today was a BIG day. I’ve always been fond of Hump Day. I’m still panting. Received an email on Monday that one of my Animal Prints made it into the magical hands of an Editor at DailyCandy and they LOVED it. They were fact-checking. Gadora knew to get ready.

DailyCandy - June 17, 2009
DailyCandy - June 17, 2009

Above is a snippet, and here is the IN DOG WE TRUST story… (< click it!) Needless to say when I awoke (über early with anticipation), I headed straight to my inbox. And there they were. YOUR pet pictures.

• • •

Chihuahuas. Labradors. Labradoodles. A Vizsla. A Wheaten. A dearly-missed Whippet. Could I paint a horse? Half-breeds. Mutts. Calico Cats. Etc. Etc. Etc. And along with each precious email came an even better story. Gadora had immeasurable fun today talking with you about your pride in your pets. Next, I’m off to paint them…

DC, you ARE Top Dog. The Cat’s pajamas. The Bee’s knees. And quite possibly the Clam’s garters.  And I thank you.

Uncle Lou

The cutest puppy Gadora ever did see was an oatmeal-colored Bassett Hound named Caesar. He wasn’t mine. He finally grew into his ears, those many years ago, and I’ve never forgotten his desperate waddle to follow me.

Meet Uncle Lou. Uncle Lou enjoys MANY things:  flinging drool across the room with a mighty shake of his head; having his belly rubbed; absconding with cotton balls and toilet paper; sleeping on his back with legs splayed wide; cheese of any kind; making his presence known quite vociferously to anyone who dares pass by the backyard; and licking toes (human as well as canine toes) — yes, Uncle Lou has a foot fetish. His absolute favorite thing in the world, however… his raison d’etre, if you will… is following his houndy nose wherever it might take him.

Happy Birthday Bubba!
Happy Birthday Bubba!

4″ x 6″
A gift.


Uncle Lou’s Mama offers, “This pic was Bubba’s 2nd birthday, which happens to be the 4th of July. Uncle Lou and Uncle Sam share a birthday, isn’t that cute? We had a little party in the bathroom [one of The Uncle’s favorite spots]. Thank you so kindly for not painting the toilet in the background. : )”

Happy Birthday Uncle Lou
Terrific Two Uncle Lou