Juggling the junk we call life…

NPR wrote a story about the additional 9+ million people who are currently underemployed. That’d be me. As a contract writer who didn’t pay into unemployment benefits, my “situation” has not been counted into the government’s numbers of those looking for work. I count, dammit. Admittedly “Gadora Wilder first came alive as a result of the “restructuring” of my last good gig, and now I find myself grateful. I am juggling. Looking for work. Sometimes I cry. I celebrate little victories. And work to market myself. Still without a full-time gig, opportunities are presenting themselves and Gadora is poised to take full, and appreciated, advantage of them all.

After organizing a very immediate To-Do list last night, Gadora googled “Circus 2010” and Anthropologie’s latest catalog queued up. I’m juggling schedules, projects, friends, skating and The Squeeze. I’m quite inspired by it all. 2010 I’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER. And yes, you will be mine.

Anthropologie's Circus

An admission: instead of the ultra chic Anthro girl—clad in dainty dresses and über chic shoes—Gadora often feels a lil like this frizzy-headed girl masquerading in elf slippers (yes, I do own a felted pair with an up-turned toe).

Circus Girl
Circus Girl by Monjojo

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