There’s no time like the present.
You probably need a few of these things…

Along with the intimate watercolor portraits of your sweet pets, and my own infatuation with chairs and shoes, Gadora has a few pieces up for grabs. This jewelry display was refashioned from fallen limbs.

Twig Jewelry display

• • •

This shabby-chic wire-basket-turned lamp that doubles as a wind chime (if you want it to)… get it while it’s HOT. Perfect for a front porch, above your favorite cozy chair, anywhere there’s a plug. SOLD on Etsy.

Lamp ~ Close-up
Bottle Lamp – up close
Lamp in Room
Bottle Lamp

• • •

Childs’ chic creative center, SOLD on ETSY.

AFTER ~ Bench and Mirror
Twig Jewelry display

• • •

Kron lamp with $OLD on ETSY, $125.

Kron lamp – ON
Kron logo and shade

• • •

Cushioned tie-chair, $OLD on Etsy.

Tie Chair ~ AFTER

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