Victorian and High Chair watercolors…

Two more chairs complete. Not a big story. One has been stored somewhere in Virginia and is brought out when the family occasionally (and briefly) resides in the United States.  A friend sat in the other when she spit up and/or ate her peas.

Victorian reworked.
High Chair

Still Life with Settee ~ Part 2.

Thanks to the Ladies at SPRUCE Austin, Gadora has been diligently churning out precious watercolors of chairs they have meticulously refurbished. Chairs have always been a weakness for me, so it seemed a natural progression to paint watercolors of them. Here is the latest in the series “Still life with Settee.”

Oh Deer Chair at SPRUCE

Sadly for you they’ve recently sold their beloved Oh Deer! chair, but here is its original listing on Etsy. Paired with the watercolor of their White Knight Victorian sofa, you could still make quite a statement. If not a treat for your seat, certainly a feast for your eyes. Gadora is elated with this new collection. =)

White Knight Victorian sofa at SPRUCE

A pre-Valentine fête at Spruce.

Wednesday’s have always been a favorite of mine. Good things happen. DailyCandy mentioned Gadora Wilder’s “Animal Prints” on a Wednesday. YoungHouseLove posted their “Burger” portrait on Hump Day. And for the past many weeks this Wednesday’s child works out her woes by lacing into her old-school skates, slipping into another alter-ego, and rolling with the Texas Rollergirls Rec-n-Rollerderby™ league.

Tomorrow’s Hump Day promises to deliver a good time, too. The lovely Ladies at SPRUCE are hosting a pre-Valentine’s Day fête with Tracy Tenpenny Jewelry and Megan Summerville Lingerie. Cannot. Wait.

Spruce Austin

Gadora stopped by SPRUCE’s North Lamar locale last week. I finally visited The Sprucettes myself. Lovely, lovely women. I asked how they’d feel about me painting a few watercolors of the furniture they re-upholster in their shop… they said yes! Here is the first in the “Still Life with Settee” series…

White Knight Victorian Sofa

“Stark white upholstery (faux leather, natch) dramatically highlights the butterfly shape of the rich dark wood frame while the delicately carved Victorian detailing inserts an element of tenderness, a distinguishing characteristic of any true hero.” A phenomenal piece, the White Knight Victorian Sofa is available through their store or Etsy shop. The watercolor is available here.

Still Life with Settee…

Gadora has something cooking, folks*. While the Animal Print requests are slowly rolling in, the extra time affords Gadora an opportunity to explore other avenues. Introducing Still Life with Settee series. I love painting furniture. Why not paint paintings of furniture? Rather brilliant, don’t you think?

Pierre Paulin chair ~ DONE
Eames chair ~ Done

Borrowing a few snaps from my Flickr contacts, I must give credit where credit is due.

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